Digital marketers are faced with challenges today unlike any other time in the history of marketing. Fundamentally, the customers they are trying to attract, convert and retain are:

  • Better Connected. They have innumerable options for information, and can switch resources and channels at will.
  • Bombarded. Customers are constantly being fed messages from multiple sources of influence. As a result, they filter out the “noise” of irrelevant advertising.
  • Empowered. Unlike any time in history, customers have on demand access to information and peer influence. They are in control and pull information to them rather than allowing you to simply push it upon them.
  • Savvy. These facts have created a fundamentally savvier customer who has a higher expectation for a relevant and personalized experience.

To address these challenges, marketers have responded by adding more and more specialized marketing applications. However, as any marketer using a few different applications knows, these applications have their own logic and data sets, and (surprise!) they weren’t designed to work with one another. Simply, this leads to high levels of subjective decision making and time wasted trying to compare apples to kumquats. Marketers have long known that there is great benefit in integrating their marketing systems to gain a better perspective into customer engagement and marketing performance.

However, achieving such a central platform, or online marketing suite that provides necessary visibility across all their applications has not been an easy nut to crack due primarily to the difficulty around integration, which is inevitably IT intensive whether it be on the vendor side (such as Omniture doing it on behalf of our customers), or in-house. Assuming you are able to get the project approved, you’re then hampered in terms of being able to readily access the IT support you need without putting together a full-blown business case, and waiting for requirements, scoping, definition, etc. And oh, by the way, this could be a minimum of six months down the road before they are able to get to your project. Talk about deflating your momentum and business agility – buzz kill!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could integrate your marketing applications yourself? Yes, you – the digital marketer. Good news. In recent years, the world has become a nicer place for addressing the needs of the online marketer. Now with a marketing integration platform like Omniture Genesis, a marketer can now do their own integrations through simple to use wizards and see all their relevant data from multiple systems in one place. This way you can compare apples to apples across campaigns and easily see what is working and what isn’t working. Simply having a single point of access into all your key marketing and campaign performance information enables faster and higher-quality decisions. Now for the real fun. Once all your data is in one place you can begin thinking about automating key business processes (where it makes sense.) My opinion is that once you have the data, automate where ever, whenever you can. A simple yet very powerful example of this is automated email re-marketing to targeted segments.

Say you send out an email campaign. Your email provider knows exactly the number of emails sent, to whom they were sent, the bounce rate, the open rate and then the click rate. That is where Omniture Genesis takes over. Once a customer clicks through to your site, campaign information is passed to SiteCatalyst, which specializes in measuring and keeping track of key online behavior, like what products the customer viewed, what brands they most engaged with, what they added to their cart but didn’t purchase, etc. When someone abandons a session with a product in their shopping cart, Genesis integrations automate the retrieval and the sending of that segment of customers back to the accredited email providers. Your email provider can then send out a highly-targeted, highly-relevant offer to your customer.

You can now benefit through revenue recovery as you close the loop around customer engagement and make new sales that would have otherwise been lost. With new generation solutions like Genesis, an integrated online marketing suite has become a reality; ensuring overall improvement of campaign performance by enabling you to make better faster decisions and by automating highly relevant targeted offers.