posed the following question to us, and Efficient Frontier's Justin Merickel rose to the occasion to respond:"What is the difference between a social display impression and a 'regular" display impression?

Justin Merickel, VP of Marketing, Efficient Frontier

"A social impression is one that includes the explicit social endorsement of a friend or connection. The simplest form of social endorsement is the “like” or “plus” action on Facebook or Google. These are easy consumer actions that are powerful additions to ads. Facebook's Sponsored Stories represent a more complex social endorsement, using direct interactions with brands as the content of the ad itself. Our research has shown that Sponsored Stories generate over 3X higher CTR as compared to other ads on Facebook at a consistently lower cost-per-action.

The success of socially endorsed ads will yield increasing emphasis on this ad-type across the industry. With Google, Twitter, and others holding robust data assets on likes, interests, and connections, we are likely only seeing the beginning of how these ads will be executed over the coming months and years. More traditional online publishers lacking this social data will be forced to innovate themselves or partner to benefit from growing demand for social impressions.

In order to capitalize on the opportunity, smart marketers are linking content with ads much more closely. New organizational and process alignment is already starting to happen. Achieving both a critical mass of fans/followers and delivering strong engagement on and off social networks is required to deliver on the potential impact of social impressions."

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