AdEx​changer​.com posed the fol­low­ing ques­tion to us, and Effi­cient Frontier’s Justin Mer­ickel rose to the occa­sion to respond:“What is the dif­fer­ence between a social dis­play impres­sion and a ‘reg­u­lar” dis­play impression?

Justin Mer­ickel, VP of Mar­ket­ing, Effi­cient Frontier

A social impres­sion is one that includes the explicit social endorse­ment of a friend or con­nec­tion. The sim­plest form of social endorse­ment is the “like” or “plus” action on Face­book or Google. These are easy con­sumer actions that are pow­er­ful addi­tions to ads. Facebook’s Spon­sored Sto­ries rep­re­sent a more com­plex social endorse­ment, using direct inter­ac­tions with brands as the con­tent of the ad itself. Our research has shown that Spon­sored Sto­ries gen­er­ate over 3X higher CTR as com­pared to other ads on Face­book at a con­sis­tently lower cost-per-action.

The suc­cess of socially endorsed ads will yield increas­ing empha­sis on this ad-type across the indus­try. With Google, Twit­ter, and oth­ers hold­ing robust data assets on likes, inter­ests, and con­nec­tions, we are likely only see­ing the begin­ning of how these ads will be exe­cuted over the com­ing months and years. More tra­di­tional online pub­lish­ers lack­ing this social data will be forced to inno­vate them­selves or part­ner to ben­e­fit from grow­ing demand for social impressions.

In order to cap­i­tal­ize on the oppor­tu­nity, smart mar­keters are link­ing con­tent with ads much more closely. New orga­ni­za­tional and process align­ment is already start­ing to hap­pen. Achiev­ing both a crit­i­cal mass of fans/followers and deliv­er­ing strong engage­ment on and off social net­works is required to deliver on the poten­tial impact of social impressions.”

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