Wow am I excited about the CMO Dashboard announcement we made yesterday! Why am I excited? First off, this announcement galvanizes Omniture’s commitment to closing the gap on a strategic need in the market. Second, I’m the fortunate guy who gets to lead the company and our partners in delivering on this strategic initiative. With this as the backdrop, I thought I’d provide some additional perspective on why I think CMO Dashboards are so important, and why Omniture is ideally suited to deliver the enabling technology.

Why CMO Dashboards?

With so many new channels emerging that influence sales, brand perception, customer engagement, etc. executive marketers are left trying to understand their performance across all of these channels individually and in concert with each other. Unfortunately for this audience, there has been no dedicated, on-demand, source for CMOs and executive marketers to see the performance of their marketing campaigns and other associated metrics that drive branding, customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction, competitive intelligence and similar marketing objectives.

A consistent theme in our conversations with our customers and partners is that marketing executives have too much data to consume and have too little time by which to make sense of it. CMO Dashboards will help them to synthesize the data into intelligence that is actionable and can be used to make strategic decisions.

Why Omniture?

As we have expanded the Omniture Online Marketing Suite, we have become more and more involved in “big picture” conversations with C-Level executives about their strategy to move from traditional forms of marketing such as TV, radio and print to digital marketing. In addition, our agency partners have close relationships with CMOs and have expressed the need to deliver customized dashboards more quickly and easily than ever before given the pace of change in the digital world.

So, with these considerations – I feel strongly that Omniture is the optimal company to deliver the technology for the digital CMO.

  • First, we have the “green gold” – the vast amounts of data we collect on behalf of our customers, to the tune of over a Trillion transactions per quarter.
  • Second, we are already delivering millions of dashboards to more than 5,000 customers every month. That’s right, I said millions per month.
  • Third, we are able tap the expertise and pre-integrated Genesis solutions from our extensive partner community of more than 500 agency partners and 200 Genesis partners.

By creating the CMO Dashboard technology, Omniture answers a significant request from partners (including advertising agencies), and customers to bring together information and present it to marketing executives in a concise format that is easily configurable and available on-demand.

Lots more detail, case studies, and examples are coming down the pike. Stay tuned!