The fan experience is changing.  No longer is it sufficient to focus on discrete in-venue, broadcast, and digital experiences, with separate revenue streams in each channel.  Disrupted by the connectedness of fans, sports franchises like NASCAR are taking a hard look at how they engage fans, and how they value that engagement.

It all starts with the Fans. Fans by definition are fanatical. They wear jerseys, paint faces, buy equipment, watch every game and brag about their team when they win. Fans have made sports into a $120 billion industry around the world. Yet the opportunity is even greater for sports, teams and athletes who can connect with fans in deeper, more engaging experiences.

NASCAR launched the new in early January 2013 on the Sapient EngagedFanSM managed platform. is specifically designed to engage fans across channels (web, mobile, tablet) in an experience tailored to engagement patterns pre-, during, and post-race.  Adobe Experience Manager was utilized to provide the core platform capabilities that manage, deliver, and personalize the fan experiences and Adobe Analytics was used to understand fan behavior and provide the insights to enhance the experience.

Learn more about the challenges that NASCAR faced in engaging their fans and how they came to launch the new