The latest release of Scene7 (now part of Adobe Experience Manager) features support for responsive websites, Adobe Analytics video report integration, and additional imaging enhancements—so you can design once and deliver rich media to any screen, understand and act on video viewing and engagement trends, and streamline content creation.

Check out some amazing examples of responsive imaging and viewers, including zoom, 360 spin, video, and mixed media at our interactive demo page here.

And, now on to the top 3 optimization tips:

Tip 1: Design once and deliver to any screen

With the latest release, images and viewers now automatically resize based on page layout, making it faster and easier to implement multiscreen, rich media experiences.

responsive-fig 1

Responsive video viewers automatically resize based on page layout.

You can use out-of-the-box or customizable rich media viewers to design once and deliver interactivity such as zoom and pan, color swatch, 360-degree spin, video, or a combination of all to engage your customers on any screen. For more details, check out the viewer library here.

Tip 2: Deliver the right size image on demand

Now you can optimize responsive webpage performance simply by using Experience Manager to dynamically serve the right image to the right device. With Experience Manager, images are not requested from the server until they need to be displayed on the device screen, which minimizes page load time. You can use image presets to specify the right format, shift from portrait to landscape, and include a sharpening effect per device type and bandwidth, from smallest thumbnail to support for high-resolution retina displays.

Tip 3: Optimize content based on engagement trends

Experience Manager now makes it easier to gain insight on video performance and engagement, with out-of-box tracking of Experience Manager video in Adobe Analytics video reports.

With video reports, you can quickly identify a sharp drop-off in viewing and use that information to improve video content production to keep customers watching until the end. 

video-detail-report-fig 2

Video reports show video views and drop off points.

The latest cloud-based, responsive dynamic media and video features are now available in North America, with data center deployments scheduled for Europe and Asia soon. Learn more here.

Join us for a live webinar on June 5 at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST to learn more tips for optimizing responsive Web design on your site. Register here.