We had the chance to talk with Thomas Gage, senior director of Business Development for AutoTrader.com, and he discussed how they are using Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to deepen insights into multichannel audience behaviors, enhance digital experiences, and expand value for business partners. AutoTrader.com appreciates how Adobe digital marketing solutions empower the company to customize offers and boost engagement. Gage commented, “Adobe enables us to constantly engage our customers with new, relevant content and offers—guiding more people more often down a conversion path.” In fact, with the help of sophisticated testing and analytics capabilities, the company increased landing page conversion by 33% through only one test. AutoTrader.com also improved conversion by as much as 8% through certain pricing adjustments.

For AutoTrader.com, Adobe Digital Marketing Suite solutions enabled the company to transform its relationship with buyers and dealerships from that of an independent vendor to a high-value business partner. Gage said, “Providing data-driven insights and audience management solutions demonstrates the value of doing business with AutoTrader.com and has offered our business partners new sales opportunities.”

The impact Adobe Digital Marketing Suite solutions have already had on AutoTrader.com’s cross-channel marketing efforts is impressive. AutoTrader.com recorded a jump in search traffic from 133% to 1,775% for certain models of vehicles during the Super Bowl. With Adobe solutions, AutoTrader.com not only improved online experiences for visitors, but also created more sales opportunities for its online properties, including its well-known Kelly Blue Book. To learn more AutoTrader.com and it use of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite solutions, click here.