Our very own Community Manager, Lauren Friedman, weighs in on Twitter metrics in iMedia Connections today.

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This metric is always tricky because of the amount of spam accounts on Twitter. Obviously, the more people you have following your tweets, the more eyeballs are on your message. What’s more important than follower count? Engaged, quality followers.

ReTweets (RTs)

RTs spread your message virally — Twitter’s form of word-of-mouth marketing. When a trusted tweeter RTs a brand’s message, it can increase awareness and advocacy from new followers.

Potential reach

Going along with RTs, an extremely interesting metric is potential reach. When a user RTs you, it’s incredibly valuable to determine how many potential users can see that same message. Much like Facebook shares and impressions, if RTs can be measured as potential reach, it would be extremely valuable.

Relevant interactions (@replies)
@Replies are a good way to determine if your follower base is engaged and active. Twitter is a place for two-way conversation and success is still dependent on engaged and valuable followers.

Once you understand these concepts, you can graduate and start using a variety of Twitter metric tools to help you gain more insight on your inner Twitter.

Finding meaning on Twitter
Some of the biggest insights can be gained by looking at your brand’s three key “influencer” measurements: your brand, competing brands, and your audience. Think of these as your brand’sTwitter credit score.

Here are five innovative tools to add to your tweet metrics toolbox. And guess what? They’re all available for free. This may just bring out the competitive tweeter in you.