Email Apti­tude (EA) is an email mar­ket­ing com­pany that’s help­ing oth­ers use con­sumer local­ity advan­ta­geously on the dig­i­tal front. In my pre­vi­ous blog, I men­tioned that many dig­i­tal mar­keters over­look regional data when cus­tomiz­ing ads.

EA offers some­thing called EA Rain­maker, which they adver­tise on YouTube with paid video ads. Rain­maker helps mar­keters adjust cam­paigns accord­ing to weather pat­terns. This is a cool inno­va­tion in region­al­ized mar­ket­ing, but mar­keters can still do more.

EA is using obvi­ous region­al­ized data to adjust mar­ket­ing schemes; I want to see mar­keters uti­lize data min­ing to antic­i­pate cus­tomers’ desires accord­ing to region. Clearly, con­sumers in colder cli­mates pur­chase more coats than con­sumers in warmer cli­mates. I want mar­keters to find out things that are less obvi­ous and lever­age that data to show the right prod­ucts to the right peo­ple at the right time.