“How do other discount brokerages set up a culture of iterative testing?”

“Why am I not getting value out of my web analytics tool?”

“What offline segment data should I use to target my online customers if I’m a retail bank?”

“Why can other Financial Services companies get their material to market so much faster than us?  Don’t they have to go through rigorous legal and compliance reviews like me?”

“I get that <insert large retailer’s name from case study> can tie that data together but how about other credit card companies?”

“How do I get more people to use our web analytic reports?”

“Can social media actually increase my leads as an insurance company?”

As the manager of the Financial Services Consulting team at Adobe, I get to meet with many of the top Financial Services and Insurance companies.  The above quotes are just a few of the types of questions that I hear over and over again from our customers.  There is no Financial Services company that is doing it all right.  All companies across all industries have challenges as they try to become “best in breed”, but Financial Services companies face some unique challenges and also have unique advantages when it comes to doing business online.

Some of the members of my team and I will be sharing our learnings as we work with Adobe’s broad Financial Services customer base.  We want to combine the strengths that our customers have in different areas and start to create a picture for what a true “best in breed” online financial services company could look like.  As the desire for shared best practices becomes stronger from our customers we hope that this blog gives us and you an avenue to share thoughts and best practices around the financial services industry.  We hope to be able to share ideas around common challenges, solutions to shared problems, brainstorm organizational governance models and especially share tips and tricks on how financial services companies can better use their online marketing tools.  We hope that you come back regularly and share some of your findings and thoughts with the community.