I believe video mea­sure­ment is foun­da­tional to every company’s online data.  I also believe that video has not received the atten­tion and doc­u­men­ta­tion needed for its core role in every brand’s online port­fo­lio.  As the video Sub­ject Mat­ter Expert (SME) for the Adobe Con­sult­ing team, I know that clients are strug­gling to get video mea­sure­ment right and that it is an area that is mov­ing and chang­ing at a very fast rate.

Over the com­ing weeks and months I will be writ­ing about video ana­lyt­ics from plan­ning to imple­men­ta­tion to analy­sis.  Through this blog series I plan to share the tips and tricks that will make video mea­sure­ment easy, valu­able and even fun.

Video ana­lyt­ics mat­ters because video con­tent mat­ters.  Video is mak­ing money, cost­ing money, or (more likely) doing both at your com­pany.  Just like any other aspect of your online con­tent, hav­ing and under­stand­ing video data will allow you to take video con­tent to the next level, from opti­miza­tion to monetization.

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Video mea­sure­ment is at its most pow­er­ful when it is part of the big­ger pic­ture of your company’s suc­cess.  If you silo video data apart from the rest of your on-line data, it is impos­si­ble to know the full impact of video.  As soon as video data nes­tles in among your con­tent data, it becomes part of the story about ad cam­paign suc­cess or the user expe­ri­ence with your brand.  Video can and should be a seam­less com­po­nent of your online measurement.

Take this con­tex­tual con­cept fur­ther, and video mea­sure­ment becomes the core data for the dynamic opti­miza­tion of video ad con­tent, mak­ing effec­tive mon­e­ti­za­tion easy.  Not only will you know which vis­i­tor seg­ments watched the most video, you can dynam­i­cally cus­tomize video con­tent and video ads to suit your vis­i­tors.  See Adobe’s Project Prime­time for more on that topic.  This is when video data gets really fun, but I’m get­ting ahead of myself.

All good ana­lyt­ics start with a solid foun­da­tion, where con­fi­dence in the data is a given, and a deep under­stand­ing of suc­cess can be achieved. My next three arti­cles will cover the basics from plan­ning your video mea­sure­ment strat­egy, to an imple­men­ta­tion overview, and a look at some of the key video reports avail­able in SiteCatalyst.