The Adobe Sum­mit recently took place from March 24–28 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I was happy to serve on the panel for a track called “Win­ning in Retail: How Can You Do It All?” In this pre­sen­ta­tion, key Adobe lead­ers and retail execs dis­cussed how under­stand­ing your retail cus­tomers and their goals, along with under­stand­ing your own company’s goals, can help your retail brand stay ahead in the con­stantly evolv­ing retail market.

In this pre­sen­ta­tion, my col­leagues and I dis­closed some of our per­sonal secrets regard­ing bid­ding on spe­cific search terms among hun­dreds of thou­sands of SKUs, among other help­ful hints. Because the retail mar­ket is full of so many prod­ucts (some of which are very sim­i­lar in nature), it can be dif­fi­cult to stand out amongst the crowd, so it’s impor­tant to fol­low a few basic rules.

When deter­min­ing cor­rect ROI, for exam­ple, it’s key to keep a strict time man­age­ment plan. I sug­gest that about 20 per­cent of your time should be spent on key­word updates opti­miza­tion, with 20 per­cent allo­cated to ad copy updates and opti­miza­tion, 10 per­cent toward new oppor­tu­ni­ties and account inno­va­tion, 25 per­cent to reporting/analysis, 15 per­cent to account main­te­nance, and the final 10 per­cent to portfolio/ cam­paign bud­get optimization.

Here are a few other key comments/suggestions from the presentation:

  • Let bid­ding tech­nol­ogy do its job.
  • Under­stand which prod­ucts drive your revenue.
  • Know that PLAs per­for­mance for every brand/site is different.
  • Under­stand your goals and customers.
  • Don’t let spe­cific key­word searches land on a generic land­ing page.
  • Make PLAs and land­ing pages a seam­less experience.
  • Com­bine user and prod­uct data to make recommendations.
  • Think audi­ences, not just keywords.
  • Opti­mize to cus­tomer value, not just conversions.
  • Per­son­al­ize jour­neys for dif­fer­ent kinds of customers.
  • Use audi­ence data to enhance search and dis­play through retargeting.

I hope that you found this track help­ful and infor­ma­tive if you were in atten­dance. And if you weren’t, I encour­age you to take a deeper dive into the sug­ges­tions listed above. Although retail can be a tricky seg­ment in which to exe­cute search and mar­ket­ing cam­paigns, it is pos­si­ble to rise above the large amount of e-commerce “noise” and make your brand known.

My thanks to Jonathan Bee­ston, Adobe’s Direc­tor, New Prod­uct Inno­va­tion, EMEA; Gil Cayabyab, VP of Mar­ket­ing at Smart​fur​ni​ture​.com; David Chen, Grainger’s Senior Man­ager, Search Engine Mar­ket­ing; and Obie Poasa, US SEM Man­ager at Colum­bia Sports­wear for their par­tic­i­pa­tion and con­tri­bu­tions dur­ing the “Win­ning in Retail” panel discussion.

Our time together at Adobe Sum­mit was lim­ited, and I’m sure there were many ques­tions that were never asked. I and any of my col­leagues would love to hear from you. Email me, mcorora@​adobe.​com.  If you have a ques­tion for one of my fel­low pan­elists, and I can put you in touch with them as well.