What’s the secret to staying in business for more than 125 years? According to Wolverine Worldwide, home to the historic Wolverine brand of footwear, one critical factor is understanding your customers and continually adapting to their needs. Of course, it’s easier for a smaller company with a small footprint—but for Wolverine, this requires reaching across a global footprint of more than 190 countries and learning about customers on both the individual and regional level. That’s why Wolverine Worldwide uses Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to gain insights into customer experiences across channels and devices and devise more effective marketing strategies.

“Our goal is to continually increase marketing effectiveness based on quantifiable data, captured and correlated across channels,” says Brandon Bassett, e-commerce analyst and SEO specialist for Wolverine Worldwide. “With Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, we can measure and analyze digital traffic and engagement much more clearly and see how customers respond across search keywords, email retargeting, and other marketing efforts to create smarter strategies that help elevate our online sales and promote our brand to drive sales through our wholesale partners.”

For instance, with Adobe solutions, Wolverine marketers can easily manage search keywords, analyze the pre-click and post-click activity, and view traffic via rich segmentation capabilities. The insights empower marketers to optimize keywords and marketing efforts to determine which campaigns produced the best outcomes and returns.

The company’s marketing managers recently used Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to uncover insights that show purchases from mobile devices and traffic from social channels are soaring. Using this information, Wolverine is refocusing efforts on creating mobile-optimized web content and putting a new emphasis on marketing its brands via social media for better returns on investment.

“Adobe Digital Marketing Suite has been a real game-changer for us in understanding emerging channels—enabling us to develop strategies and quickly see which efforts generate the greatest value,” says Bassett.

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