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With expo­nen­tially grow­ing inter­est in SoLoMo, it’s easy to think of email mar­ket­ing as passé; some have even gone so far as to declare its death.  Most mar­keters know that this is sim­ply untrue.  The rise of new dig­i­tal chan­nels has, of course, had a sig­nif­i­cant impact on how mar­keters use email. There are cer­tainly new chal­lenges, but data shows us that the reward for suc­cess­ful email mar­ket­ing con­tin­ues to grow. The sta­tis­tics I have col­lected below tell not one, but many sto­ries depend­ing on who you are and what your mar­ket­ing goals are.

1. For every $1 mar­keters spend on email, the aver­age ROI is $40. (Direct Mar­ket­ing Asso­ci­a­tion)Email Marketing ROI

2. More peo­ple are read­ing email on their phones than on the desk­top or on web­mail (and 85% of them are using an iOS device). (Return­Path)

3. B2B mar­keters listed email as one of the top three tac­tics for lead orig­i­na­tion. (For­rester)

4. Half of respon­dents to the Econsultancy/Adestra Email Mar­ket­ing Cen­sus 2013 iden­ti­fied that the qual­ity of their email data­base caused prob­lems with their email cam­paigns, mak­ing it the most com­mon bar­rier for three years running.

5. Sub­scribers read 14% of the mes­sages promis­ing percentage-based sav­ings in the sub­ject line, while read­ing 12% of those promis­ing dol­lar based sav­ings in the sub­ject line. (Return­Path)

6. Email open rates are the high­est they’ve been since 2007 grow­ing year-over-year and month-over-month. (Epsilon)

7. 17% of email mar­keters still don’t track, ana­lyze or report on email met­rics for their orga­ni­za­tion. (Mar­ket­ing­Sh­erpa)

8. More than 50% of mar­keters aren’t opti­miz­ing emails for mobile view­ing (Mar­ket­ing­Sh­erpa), yet 63% of Amer­i­cans and 41% of Euro­peans will close or delete an email not opti­mized for mobile. (Return­Path)

Email Marketing Mobile
9. E-mail mes­sages that include a social shar­ing option gen­er­ate 30% more CTRs than e-mails with­out a social shar­ing option. (Econ­sul­tancy)

10. Per­cent­age of mar­keters who used a spe­cific social net­work shar­ing but­ton in their emails (GetRe­sponse):

Social network sharing button
11. Emails that include social shar­ing but­tons have a click-through rate 115% higher than those do not. (GetRe­sponse)

12. Open Rates by Plat­form (Return­Path):

Email Marketing
13. 75% of North Amer­i­cans read email on their phones every­day (that’s 112.8 mil­lion peo­ple). (Google)

14. 43% of email mar­keters expect email effec­tive­ness to increase. (For­rester)

What good email mar­ket­ing stats have you come across recently? Leave a com­ment below.



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