Greg Paul,  Technical Architect[Posted by Greg Paul
Tech­ni­cal Archic­tect, Neolane, Inc.]

Cus­tomers often ask ques­tions such as “How can I send emails rep­re­sent­ing mul­ti­ple brands from a sin­gle instance?” or “How do I ensure my emails are branded appro­pri­ately?”  These are very good ques­tions and should be dis­cussed early in the imple­men­ta­tion process.  To pro­vide some insight into what you might want to ask up front dur­ing require­ments gath­er­ing, here are five points to con­sider when build­ing a multi-brand email mar­ket­ing solu­tion:

  1. Sub­do­mains.  Make sure your sub­do­mains are cor­rectly del­e­gated to your email host­ing provider.  By using a branded sub­do­main, the recip­i­ent knows the email is from your com­pany or brand.  Setup of branded sub­do­mains can be accom­plished through proper con­fig­u­ra­tion of the DNS records.
  2. Mail­boxes.   Select a “From” email address which refers to a mail­box hosted on your sub­do­main.   Mon­i­tor­ing the “From” and “Reply-to” mail­boxes is a best prac­tice and offers good con­sumer expe­ri­ence with your brand if replies are addressed.
  3. Images.  Ref­er­ence images in your HTML con­tent which have been pub­lished on the branded sub­do­main.  Neolane deliv­ery tem­plates can be con­fig­ured to pub­lish local images to the branded sub­do­main and update the con­tent ref­er­ences automatically.
  4. Links.   Use branded URLs in your con­tent when ref­er­enc­ing the track­ing server (for opens and clicks), the mir­ror page, and the unsub­scrip­tion page.  Neolane deliv­ery tem­plates can be con­fig­ured to use branded URLs.
  5. Tem­plates.   Use tem­plates to sim­plify and stan­dard­ize your email com­mu­ni­ca­tions. Com­mon ele­ments of deliv­er­ies – includ­ing all the points above — can be stored in a tem­plate and re-used for future deliv­er­ies.  This is very use­ful when you want all emails to be built the same way and have the same look and feel, with the only dif­fer­ence being the content.

Fol­low the above points for each of the brands.  Neolane is flex­i­ble and con­fig­urable to sup­port send­ing emails for mul­ti­ple brands using a sin­gle instance.  This makes it more effi­cient for mar­keters while ensur­ing a con­sis­tent and seam­less expe­ri­ence for customers.