It’s no surprise that as we talk to our customers about their goals and strategy, the Mobile channel is playing an increasingly critical role.The amount of data that we collect from mobile devices continues to grow each year and we see marketers investing in tactics such as mobile sites, mobile apps, or mobile campaigns. Consequently, we have taken a number of significant steps forward to help deliver on your needs around mobile segmentation, mobile site/app measurement, and even the use of mobile devices in your own analytics/optimization practice. Today, I’d like to highlight three exciting improvements provided with SiteCatalyst 15 to help you analyze your Mobile channel:

  • Visits from Mobile Devices.A pre-defined “Visits from Mobile” segment to identify all visits from mobile devices is available in SiteCatalyst 15 reports.For example, with this segmentation capability, you can easily evaluate the number of visits from mobile devices to your standard website and evaluate the need to create a mobile optimized website.


  • Explore Data with your iPad.As many clients already know, SiteCatalyst provides mobile apps for viewing dashboards and reports via your Smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry).With SiteCatalyst 15, the engineering team has extended the access to SiteCatalyst data via a new mobile application, Adobe® SiteCatalyst® Visualize TM for iPad.This innovative app enables active data exploration via trend analysis of key metrics such as page views, visits, and conversions.Business analysts and marketers can use the “multi-touch” capabilities of the iPad to zoom and focus on specific data points within the last 90 days.In addition, using a visual “word cloud” of the most frequently selected metrics, marketers can easily add or change metrics to customize the presentation of data.Furthermore, marketers can easily share the analysis by sending report views via email or connecting to an external display for presentations.


  • Processing Rules.New “Processing Rules” enable more flexible implementation of variable mappings in Mobile applications or Mobile optimized websites.Stay tuned for a future post from Ben Gaines: in his “15 for 15” series with more detail about the capabilities of “Processing Rules”.

We hope you enjoy these new mobile-specific features to help you analyze your data more effectively. Please feel free to leave us a comment to share questions, ideas, and stories related to your use of mobile analytics data in SiteCatalyst and throughout the Adobe Online Marketing Suite!

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