On Wednesday at Advertising Week 2012 we focused on the mobile opportunity for advertisers. In the video above we talk to experts, and us “regular folk” around Times Square, about how advertisers can make great mobile experiences. If people don’t click on mobile ads, then what to do?

Rebecca McPheters (founder of McPheters & Co.) led a panel with Jose Andrade (technology director, Publicis Life Brands: Medicus) and Douglas Fajardo (CEO and chief creative director at RMG Connect Miami) on the untapped potential of advertising in mobile publications. Mobile publications (can we call them apps?) is a topic dear to our Adobe hearts of course as many of our customers are on the vanguard of Digital Publishing.

What are people making? How are agencies changing their workflows to manage these new experiences? Are there best practices in app development? And most importantly for this audience – what is the opportunity for advertisers?

A few stats: 22% of US adults (@50 million) now own a tablet, another 3% use someone else’s (!) and 44% of US folks have smartphones. Conde Nast found that ads generated twice as much readership with interactive ads on tablets.

Sounds good enough. What companies wouldn’t get involved? Well, there are challenges. Not everyone can simply pick up new technology and processes so easily. Is it easy to scale? Isn’t it difficult to implement?

According to Douglas Fajardo, it’s actually not terribly difficult to create a mobile app with Adobe Digital Publishing solutions. “No longer is it a programming challenge, it’s a creative challenge…the apps are easy to create with the same assets you’re already creating for clients.”

Jose Andrade echoed these sentiments. His key points: you can work on your apps right in the initial creation stage; they aren’t an afterthought. They are part of the entire process. On the production side, there are loads of options to leverage – from print to web, and it’s not a silo’d process, it’s integrated. “There are lots of Q/A efficiencies.”

And then of course: measurement. How did the app work? What are people clicking on? What parts are they engaging with most? You don’t have to build these measurement tools – it works out of the box. Content underperforming? You can see that and change appropriately. Creative meets Data. These two aren’t at odds with each other. They are interconnected.

Watch the full panel here: