On Wednes­day at Adver­tis­ing Week 2012 we focused on the mobile oppor­tu­nity for adver­tis­ers. In the video above we talk to experts, and us “reg­u­lar folk” around Times Square, about how adver­tis­ers can make great mobile expe­ri­ences. If peo­ple don’t click on mobile ads, then what to do?

Rebecca McPheters (founder of McPheters & Co.) led a panel with Jose Andrade (tech­nol­ogy direc­tor, Pub­li­cis Life Brands: Medicus) and Dou­glas Fajardo (CEO and chief cre­ative direc­tor at RMG Con­nect Miami) on the untapped poten­tial of adver­tis­ing in mobile pub­li­ca­tions. Mobile pub­li­ca­tions (can we call them apps?) is a topic dear to our Adobe hearts of course as many of our cus­tomers are on the van­guard of Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing.

What are peo­ple mak­ing? How are agen­cies chang­ing their work­flows to man­age these new expe­ri­ences? Are there best prac­tices in app devel­op­ment? And most impor­tantly for this audi­ence – what is the oppor­tu­nity for advertisers?

A few stats: 22% of US adults (@50 mil­lion) now own a tablet, another 3% use some­one else’s (!) and 44% of US folks have smart­phones. Conde Nast found that ads gen­er­ated twice as much read­er­ship with inter­ac­tive ads on tablets.

Sounds good enough. What com­pa­nies wouldn’t get involved? Well, there are chal­lenges. Not every­one can sim­ply pick up new tech­nol­ogy and processes so eas­ily. Is it easy to scale? Isn’t it dif­fi­cult to implement?

Accord­ing to Dou­glas Fajardo, it’s actu­ally not ter­ri­bly dif­fi­cult to cre­ate a mobile app with Adobe Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing solu­tions. “No longer is it a pro­gram­ming chal­lenge, it’s a cre­ative challenge…the apps are easy to cre­ate with the same assets you’re already cre­at­ing for clients.”

Jose Andrade echoed these sen­ti­ments. His key points: you can work on your apps right in the ini­tial cre­ation stage; they aren’t an after­thought. They are part of the entire process. On the pro­duc­tion side, there are loads of options to lever­age – from print to web, and it’s not a silo’d process, it’s inte­grated. “There are lots of Q/A efficiencies.”

And then of course: mea­sure­ment. How did the app work? What are peo­ple click­ing on? What parts are they engag­ing with most? You don’t have to build these mea­sure­ment tools – it works out of the box. Con­tent under­per­form­ing? You can see that and change appro­pri­ately. Cre­ative meets Data. These two aren’t at odds with each other. They are interconnected.

Watch the full panel here: