I recently joined the Omniture Business Unit of Adobe to lead the product marketing effort for Mobile Solutions. As we approach March, I look forward to meeting with customers and partners at Summit 2011 and engaging with you to understand your business challenges in mobile marketing. Since we expect Summit to be “Sold Out”, I would like to encourage all Omniture customers to register today and make plans to be in Salt Lake City, Utah from March 8 to 11: http://www.omniture.com/en/summit11.

In addition, as you plan to agenda, please sign up for the following breakout sessions in the “Online Analytics” track related to Mobile Analytics and Mobile Marketing strategies. I am currently working with speakers from Adobe consulting and existing customers to develop thought provoking content to help you engage with consumers via the mobile channel.

1) Smartphone Apps are Everywhere!  Increase the return of your mobile app investment through analysis and optimization

According to the Gartner Group, in 2010, worldwide mobile application stores’ revenue is expected to reach $5.2 billion, both from end-users buying applications and applications generating advertising revenue for their developers. In addition, worldwide cumulative application downloads (free and paid) from app stores will be over 10 billion in 2010 and will pass the 50 billion mark during 2012. Given the wide distribution of mobile apps, organizations that are trying to reach a mobile audience must consider measurement, analysis, and optimization. During this session, Adobe will show how analytics can be used to improve native mobile applications (Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry, etc.) that are created by marketers to engage with consumers. In addition, an Adobe customer will present a case study to describe their mobile app development strategy and the results of measuring visitor engagement.

Key takeaways from the session will include the following:

  • Best practices for measuring and analyzing app usage
  • Cutting-edge solutions for reducing app disengagement
  • A customer case study highlighting the benefits of optimizing mobile apps

2) What are the Best Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2011?  How to prioritize spend for mobile apps, sites, advertising, and more

During this session, Adobe will discuss the most important mobile marketing strategies emerging in 2011 by summarizing trends and the highlights of recent market research.  The session will provide an overview of techniques (mobile sites, mobile apps, SMS, mobile ads, etc.) for reaching a target audience based upon the online marketer’s objectives.  In addition, an Adobe customer will present a case study to explain how mobile marketing fits within its overall online marketing strategy, as well as its investment rationale for a range of mobile marketing tactics.

Key takeaways from the session will include the following:

  • Where (and why) marketers are choosing to invest their mobile marketing budgets
  • The effectiveness of major techniques for reaching mobile audiences
  • Best practices for selecting the right mobile marketing strategy

Furthermore, if you are a developer of mobile applications and would like some hands-on opportunity to use our mobile SDKs for measurement or optimization, please consider attending the following lab sessions in the “Tech Track”:

1) Get Your App On—Improve Your Mobile Apps with Analytics (Lab)

Businesses continue to increase investment in native mobile applications. Help your business to improve the user experience and engagement of your apps by learning how to tag apps on all mobile platforms. Adobe’s measurement libraries for iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry give you the ability to measure mobile engagement wherever it is occurring. In this session we will provide the tools and hands on experience needed to integrate Adobe’s analytics tools in mobile apps.

In this hands-on developer lab, you will:

  • Implement SiteCatalyst tracking on iOS and Android apps
  • Implement measurement best practices to enhance reporting on mobile engagement
  • Validate your mobile analytics implementation and discover key insights

2) The Site is Dead—Optimize Your Apps and Your Ads (Lab)

It’s not just your site anymore—you need to offer targeted, optimized experiences wherever your customers interact with your brand. Attend this lab to get hands-on experience integrating Test&Target and Recommendations into your mobile apps (iOS, Android, Blackberry), Flash applications, and ads. Use native APIs and SDKs for different devices and see what options you have to optimize applications.

In this hands-on developer lab, you will:

  • Learn how to change content in real-time in mobile apps based on a user’s activity or interest
  • Integrate dynamic, targeted marketing content into Flash ads without having to re-create or re-publish anything
  • Take home examples and code libraries to share the excitement with your team

If you are a customer or partner that is focused on mobile marketing, analytics, or optimization and would like to have a conversation at Summit, feel free to contact me at my email: raypun@adobe.com

To learn more about Mobile Analytics and Optimization Solutions, please click here.