Shortly after my post two weeks ago about Advanced Attri­bu­tion in Adobe Insight, indus­try evan­ge­list & author Avinash Kaushik con­tributed his thoughts in a post titled Multi-Channel Attri­bu­tion: Def­i­n­i­tions, Mod­els and a Real­ity Check.

I was thrilled when read­ing his post, since he led right into my topic for this post, which I was work­ing on at the time.

Avinash out­lined three dis­tinct types of attri­bu­tion opportunities:

  1. Multi-Channel Attri­bu­tion, Online to Store (MCA-O2S)
  2. Multi-Channel Attri­bu­tion, Across Mul­ti­ple Screens (MCA-AMS)
  3. Multi-Channel Attri­bu­tion, Across Dig­i­tal Chan­nels (MCA-ADC)

Of the first type, Online to Store (MCA-O2S), he says “It’s manda­tory.” I agree com­pletely. One of the break­out ses­sions I pre­sented at the recent Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Sum­mit cov­ered how we solved this exact prob­lem last year with one lead­ing retailer. At Sum­mit we told the story of our solu­tion that allows mar­keters to “under­stand the offline impact… dri­ven by online mar­ket­ing and adver­tis­ing” (Avinash’s words, but what we accom­plished last year at this client.)

But let’s get back to this post…

My other Sum­mit break­out was with Best Buy, titled “Mobile is the glue that con­nects dig­i­tal to offline channels.”

Inte­grat­ing Web & Mobile data with Store data at Best Buy

Last year, we focused on find­ing new ways of inte­grat­ing dig­i­tal (Web & mobile) chan­nel data into the exist­ing Adobe Insight instal­la­tion that con­tains all in-store pur­chase data avail­able for analysis.

For sev­eral years, Best Buy has used Adobe Insight in two sep­a­rate instal­la­tions, one that includes all best​buy​.com and mobile chan­nel data, and another that includes all cus­tomer & point of sale (POS) data. On sev­eral occas­sions, we’ve talked about the value of “MCA-O2S” and the need to com­bine the two datasets.

Con­se­quently, in 2011, we did just that. In fact, we built a solu­tion that includes all three of Avinash’s attri­bu­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties: Online to Store (O2S), Across Mul­ti­ple Screens (AMS), and Across Dig­i­tal Chan­nels (ADC). Score!

We started with extracts from the .com & Mobile dataset, then ran those extracts through a process to map the Web Vis­i­tor IDs to in-store Cus­tomer IDs, and then loaded these revised log files into the Cus­tomer / Point of Sale analy­sis clus­ter. By doing so, we enriched the store chan­nel sales data with the .com & Mobile chan­nel data for the matched customers.

Ini­tial Results of Analy­sis at Best Buy

As part of our Sum­mit break­out, Chris Moroz, Asso­ciate Man­ager for Dig­i­tal Ana­lyt­ics at Best Buy, pre­sented the ini­tial results of the analysis.

Many of the insights were cov­ered last month in an arti­cle on Inter­net Retailer, “Mobile Adds a New Dimen­sion to a Customer’s Value.” Unfor­tu­nately, though, the Inter­net Retailer arti­cle focuses more on the sup­po­si­tion that mobile “adds to” a customer’s value. Right after I shared the arti­cle, Chris at Best Buy sent me a quick note, say­ing “It’s too bad [the arti­cle] didn’t include the pur­pose of the pre­sen­ta­tion and that with your help we’re find­ing ways to con­nect all cus­tomer touch points. I thought that was the big­ger story.”

In fact, what Best Buy was really show­cas­ing at Sum­mit is a solu­tion that pro­vides full “Online to Store (O2S)” cus­tomer view and attri­bu­tion. The solu­tion pro­vides a deep under­stand­ing of a store shop­per who also inter­acts with Best Buy via emerg­ing chan­nels like the mobile site & mobile apps.

Some of what we proven in the “O2S” dataset at Best Buy were hypothe­ses, like “On any given day, a Best​Buy​.com vis­i­tor is more likely to pur­chase in store.” How­ever, the sur­prise was in how much more likely – much more than expected. One fourth (25%) of the mobile site vis­i­tors make a store pur­chase within 2 weeks.

In fact, for those mobile site vis­i­tors who made a store pur­chase within 2 weeks, there were some sur­pris­ing find­ings on areas of the site that were lead­ing indi­ca­tors of a store pur­chase. Site con­tent like “Store Loca­tor / Finder” might be expected to be a strong indi­ca­tor of an upcom­ing store pur­chase. But sur­pris­ing cat­e­gories show up as well, like “Home The­ater Acces­sories” (26% of vis­i­tors to this area made a store pur­chase within 2 weeks) or “Com­put­ing: Net­work” (25%).

Very sig­nif­i­cantly, cus­tomers who used mobile and shopped in store have a 25% higher Life­time Value (LTV) than non-mobile cus­tomers. Cus­tomers who are valu­able to Best Buy use the mobile channel!

With QR code scans in Best Buy stores (on the “Fact Tag” price labels that con­nect to prod­uct details on the mobile site) jump­ing 120% this last hol­i­day sea­son, the full 360° view of the cus­tomer, Web, mobile, store, & more, is essen­tial to com­pa­nies like Best Buy.

As we pre­sented at Sum­mit, mobile is truly a key part of the glue that Best Buy uses to con­nect the full cus­tomer pic­ture via Adobe Insight. The rich value they’ve found in this com­pre­hen­sive cus­tomer view — from the geo­graphic infor­ma­tion on where cus­tomers are access­ing cer­tain mobile expe­ri­ences (our store? Or a competitor’s store?), and how the Web & mobile activ­ity influ­ences store pur­chases —  is now indispensible.

A Unique Solu­tion with Adobe Insight

I truly believe that we offer a unique solu­tion (soft­ware and ser­vices) that con­nects the dig­i­tal chan­nels (mar­ket­ing touches, mobile, Web, etc.) with the offline store & account data. With the abil­ity to inte­grate data from any struc­tured log source and with solu­tions like the Adobe Con­sult­ing Uni­fied Cus­tomer Process to align all data under a uni­fied view of the cus­tomer, retail­ers stand to ben­e­fit strongly from Adobe Insight now – and as new data from chan­nels prove their value in the future.

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