During the Summit 2011, we had strong attendance at all sessions related to Mobile Marketing, Mobile Analytics, and Mobile Optimization.Here are some highlights for the presentations and labs that took place during the 2 days in Salt Lake City.

1) Dude, Where’s My App? Increase the return of your mobile app investment.Carl Sandquist from Adobe Consulting described best practices for “Getting Your App Back”.Using both SiteCatalyst and Discover, Carl walked the audience thru the high level analysis of mobile dashboards, DMA analysis of ad click-thru metrics, and deep segmentation of app user behavior (Allstars, Rookies, Benchwarmers, Cut List).In addition, Nancy Koons from Vail Resorts discussed how she has partnered with Adobe consulting to measure the company’s standard website, mobile optimized site, and mobile applications.In addition, she discussed the geo-location analysis that will be used by Vail Resorts to understand mobile app usage either on or off the mountain.Finally, Carl will be providing followup to attendees on some of the items (sample dashboard, links to mobile app plug-in code) that were featured in the presentation.

2) Best Mobile Marketing Strategies in 2011 – Prioritize spend for mobile apps, sites, and advertising.My joint presentation with Joe Lalley from MTV Networks received positive audience feedback as measured by Twitter posts and verbal comments after the session.During my review of primary and emerging tactics for mobile marketing, the following metrics were tweeted several times:

  • According to Forrester, Mobile marketing spend in the US for 2011 is forecasted at $1 Billion.However, this only represents 3% of total interactive spend ($34 Billion).
  • MyNewPlace achieved a 2X conversion rate with their 1st iPhone app vs. the standard website.
  • MyNewPlace achieved a 26% lift in conversion rate on their mobile optimized website.
  • According to an Adobe survey of 1200 consumers, 50% spend at least 1 hour per week shopping for items with their mobile devices.

My key message was to “Measure and Optimize Your Investment in Mobile Marketing.”After providing some recommendations such as “Enable Consumers to Engage and Respond via Mobile”, I handed the presentation over to Joe Lalley who discussed how MTV Networks has optimized text messaging to drive engagement and revenue.In addition, Joe has been using Adobe SiteCatalyst to measure the effectiveness of SMS in driving more click-thrus to their mobile website.Most of the Q&A time was directed to Joe who answered questions about best practices for SMS marketing.

3) Get Your App On—Improve Your Mobile Apps with Analytics (Lab).Roger Woods, Senior Product Manager for Mobile, led this lab session along with a number of engineering and consulting folks.The focus was to teach developers how to implement SiteCatalyst tracking on iOS and Android apps.As a gift to all attendees, he provided a free iPad or Galaxy Tab to participants who completed the lab exercises.This promotion created a lot of buzz on Twitter and the labs were quickly packed with customers.One of the attendees, Matthew Wright from Keystone Solutions, has posted the following article about his takeaways from this lab that was rated “excellent”:

  • http://thekeystonesolution.com/blog/2011/03/summit-get-your-mobile-app-on-tech-track-session/

Finally, Roger plans to make the lab guide and sample app code available for download by the end week at the following location:

  • http://developer.omniture.com/summit2011

4) The Site is Dead—Optimize Your Apps and Your Ads (Lab).Kimen Field, Senior Product Manager for Test&Target, and Jacob Favre, Technology Director for Adobe Digital, led this lab session along with experts from the engineering team.The focus was to teach developers how to change content in real-time in mobile apps based on a user’s activity or interest.In addition, Kimen and Jacob demonstrated how to change content in Flash ads via Test&Target.According to Kimen, most attendees were just generally impressed that you could change real app content and not just HTML views, and see the results immediately.Here is a sample quote below:

  • “Wow this is so much easier than everything else we’ve seen.I could actually see our team using this.”

In closing, we look forward to engaging with you on your mobile initiatives this year.Please contact your account manager if you would like to speak with Adobe experts about your plans for mobile marketing, analytics, or optimization.

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