At the recent Mobile Marketing Association Forum event in New York, Google released the findings from a global survey of 10,000 consumers and 1000 marketers in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan “Global Perspectives: Smartphone Users and the Mobile Marketer “.  One of the most interesting insights relates to the number of apps downloaded and used by consumers in the United States:

  • Average number of apps installed = 23
  • Average number of apps used in the past 30 days = 10

If your mobile app is not in a consumer’s Top 10 list, then you should evaluate the ROI for building apps that may not be used by your target audience.Adobe highly recommends that all mobile applications are measured from Day 1 to understand the impact of visitor “churn” on your mobile strategy. Basically, the marketing team should be able to understand what % of visitors did not launch and use your app in the last month. If consumers only use your app once after download, then you should revisit the user experience of the app to identify opportunities to bring your app users back.  As the graphic shows below, your mobile app is competing with thousands of others for the attention of consumers.

During the North America Summit, we introduced a set of best practices metrics for the Apple iOS platform and a mobile analytics dashboard for Apps.In addition, Carl Sandquist from our Mobile consulting team presented examples of these metrics across mobile device platforms:

To learn more about the implementation guidelines, you can log into the Knowledgebase and search for “iOS best practices”

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