As one of the largest social gaming communities on the mobile web, Tylted is working to revolutionize the casual mobile game market as a leader in mobile advertising. With the increasing dominance of smartphones, the company turned to analytics from Adobe Marketing Cloud, including Adobe SiteCatalyst, to help the company adjust its business model and maintain its market-leading position.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud delivers the insights that guide the progression of our business—from sales and ad strategies to new game development and adoption,” says Wonny Lee, director of marketing at Tylted. “Every game on our site caters to a different demographic. Adobe SiteCatalyst measures each title’s market so we can optimize experiences and revenue potential for every player across devices.”

Previous homegrown analytics tools measured primarily page views, but Tylted needed a more detailed view of its online presence with a marketing platform that measures activity across the site. Leveraging analysis from Adobe SiteCatalyst, the company can accurately measure marketing return on investment game by game.

With insights from Adobe Marketing Cloud, Tylted can adjust its business to take advantage of revenue streams. For example, the company saw that users purchase more avatar items during holidays, such as Halloween and Christmas. The team created costumes aligned with these holiday themes to drive in-game monetization.

Since adopting Adobe Marketing Cloud, overall site traffic at Tylted is up 15%, with 90% coming from mobile devices. The company also achieved 15 million minutes spent on in a single month. By giving visitors the option to register via their Facebook profiles, the company also increased registrations 800%.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud has helped to shift the mindset of decision makers and our development teams to be more data driven—focusing on real, measurable results,” says Lee. “Everything we’ve done on the website redesign is shaped by data from Adobe Marketing Cloud. It’s a great example of the synergy between metrics and design.”

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