May I help you find some­thing?”, asks the store asso­ciate. “No, I’m just brows­ing.” answers the cus­tomer who is star­ing at their mobile phone stand­ing in front of a prod­uct they’re researching.

Have you seen this yet? Have you done this your­self? I know I have found myself on many occa­sions expand­ing my prod­uct research to incor­po­rate web brows­ing in-store.  Retail­ers have always looked for ways to best sup­port cus­tomers in prod­uct dis­cov­ery mode. The store asso­ciate, of course, is the pri­mary area of invest­ment, but all kinds of cre­ative sig­nage has been deployed over the years to aid the cus­tomer. More recently, some retail­ers have real­ized that the lit­tle plac­ard next to the prod­uct on a shelf or the tag itself is quite lim­ited. Com­pa­nies such as Best Buy  have offered QR codes direct­ing that cus­tomer to their own web con­tent to mit­i­gate them from search­ing online and land­ing on a competitor’s site. This seemed novel back in 2010 and many wrote it off as spe­cific to prod­ucts with high con­sid­er­a­tion. Yet today we see mobile devices as an appendage of the human body, often extended and avail­able to cap­ture a moment, col­lab­o­rate with friends and fam­ily, or research the answer to … well, anything.

Mobile is trans­form­ing retail, and as this trans­for­ma­tion gains momen­tum, retail­ers face the chal­lenge of under­stand­ing how their cus­tomers use mobile and how it impacts their brand. The new Adobe white paper, “How Mobile is Trans­form­ing the Retail Indus­try,” takes you through the lat­est trends, insights and best prac­tices for deliv­er­ing mobile expe­ri­ences that leave both con­sumers and retail­ers satisfied.

We are now in an age where every­thing truly is at our fin­ger­tips. The near lim­it­less amount of infor­ma­tion cer­tainly influ­ences our shop­ping behav­ior. As mar­keters and retail­ers, we need to take advan­tage of this more and insert our­selves back into the driver’s seat. Rather than let the cus­tomer learn that our com­peti­tor down the street is offer­ing a deal on the prod­uct they’re inter­ested in, we need to change our strat­egy to focus on the mobile expe­ri­ence. We need to think phone, tablet, desk­top vs. desk­top, desk­top, desk­top. Take a look at the trends we iden­ti­fied. Are you see­ing these in your busi­ness? Are you liv­ing these your­self as a con­sumer? Out of all the best prac­tices offered in this whitepa­per, if you change just one thing in your day, I’d offer this. Stop review­ing any cam­paign or design on your lap­top. Ask to see it on a tablet or your phone.