We have all seen reports that smart­phones pen­e­tra­tion is rapidly ris­ing and accord­ing to eMar­keter, approx­i­mately 48% of the mobile sub­scribers in the US will have a Smart­phone by the end of 2012. In their “US Mobile Usage Fore­cast for April 2012”, eMar­keter indi­cates that a 48% pen­e­tra­tion rate is equiv­a­lent to over 115 Mil­lion peo­ple. Since each Smart­phone pur­chase requires a mobile data plan, lead­ing mobile car­ri­ers such as Ver­i­zon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have seen sig­nif­i­cant growth in data usage as con­sumers access the mobile inter­net on a daily basis to con­nect with web­sites or apps.

Because of these indus­try dri­vers, media com­pa­nies and major adver­tis­ers have been pur­su­ing co-marketing oppor­tu­ni­ties with mobile car­ri­ers that share com­mon audi­ence seg­ments. For exam­ple, spon­sor­ships may exist for major events, shows, and adver­tis­ing cam­paigns that are designed to drive audi­ences to a mobile expe­ri­ence. Con­se­quently, mar­keters need to under­stand the size of the audi­ence seg­ment that is engag­ing with mobile con­tent via a par­tic­u­lar mobile oper­a­tor in order to quan­tify the effec­tive­ness of a sponsorship.

To help media com­pa­nies and adver­tis­ers address this mobile ana­lyt­ics ques­tion of spon­sor­ship effec­tiv­ness, Adobe Site­Cat­a­lyst is now pro­vid­ing the fol­low­ing new report:

  • Mobile Car­rier Report.  Pro­vides infor­ma­tion about the mobile car­rier (oper­a­tor) that is used by mobile device vis­i­tors to engage with a web­site or mobile appli­ca­tion. You can view this report at Vis­i­tor Pro­file > Tech­nol­ogy > Mobile Carrier.

eMar­keter also fore­casts that 25% of mobile sub­scribers will view video con­tent in 2012. Video con­sump­tion will be dri­ven by “new phone fea­tures, includ­ing big­ger screens, higher-definition view­ing capa­bil­i­ties and faster net­work speeds”. Con­se­quently, mobile strate­gists need to under­stand the net­work con­nec­tion speeds that are being used by mobile vis­i­tors to engage with their web­sites or appli­ca­tions. Specif­i­cally, the deliv­ery of video or rich media con­tent needs to be opti­mized for the con­nec­tion type of each mobile device.

To address this need, Adobe Site­Cat­a­lyst has been updated to include mobile con­nec­tion types:

  • Con­nec­tion Types Report. Pro­vides infor­ma­tion about the mobile net­work type (Wifi vs. Mobile car­rier) that is used by mobile device vis­i­tors to engage with a web­site or mobile application.

The exam­ple above shows how the report on “Device Types” can be ana­lyzed by “Con­nec­tion Types” to show the num­ber of Tablet vis­i­tors who use a Wifi or Mobile Car­rier connection.

What cus­tomers can receive these capabilities?

  • Exist­ing Site­Cat­a­lyst V15 cus­tomers will have these mobile reports and dimen­sion break­downs enabled automatically.
  • Exist­ing Site­Cat­a­lyst V14.9 cus­tomers should sub­mit a client care request to enable the sub­re­la­tions for reports that need to break­down infor­ma­tion by mobile car­rier or con­nec­tion type.

Given the rapid adop­tion of mobile devices, we look for­ward to pro­vid­ing more enhance­ments to mobile ana­lyt­ics in the upcom­ing months. Please let us know about mobile require­ments or ideas that would help you with mobile marketing.


Seema Gounder
Seema Gounder

Hi, I would like to understand how does this report capture data?