We have all seen reports that smartphones penetration is rapidly rising and according to eMarketer, approximately 48% of the mobile subscribers in the US will have a Smartphone by the end of 2012. In their “US Mobile Usage Forecast for April 2012”, eMarketer indicates that a 48% penetration rate is equivalent to over 115 Million people. Since each Smartphone purchase requires a mobile data plan, leading mobile carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have seen significant growth in data usage as consumers access the mobile internet on a daily basis to connect with websites or apps.

Because of these industry drivers, media companies and major advertisers have been pursuing co-marketing opportunities with mobile carriers that share common audience segments. For example, sponsorships may exist for major events, shows, and advertising campaigns that are designed to drive audiences to a mobile experience. Consequently, marketers need to understand the size of the audience segment that is engaging with mobile content via a particular mobile operator in order to quantify the effectiveness of a sponsorship.

To help media companies and advertisers address this mobile analytics question of sponsorship effectivness, Adobe SiteCatalyst is now providing the following new report:

  • Mobile Carrier Report.  Provides information about the mobile carrier (operator) that is used by mobile device visitors to engage with a website or mobile application. You can view this report at Visitor Profile > Technology > Mobile Carrier.

eMarketer also forecasts that 25% of mobile subscribers will view video content in 2012. Video consumption will be driven by “new phone features, including bigger screens, higher-definition viewing capabilities and faster network speeds”. Consequently, mobile strategists need to understand the network connection speeds that are being used by mobile visitors to engage with their websites or applications. Specifically, the delivery of video or rich media content needs to be optimized for the connection type of each mobile device.

To address this need, Adobe SiteCatalyst has been updated to include mobile connection types:

  • Connection Types Report. Provides information about the mobile network type (Wifi vs. Mobile carrier) that is used by mobile device visitors to engage with a website or mobile application.

The example above shows how the report on “Device Types” can be analyzed by “Connection Types” to show the number of Tablet visitors who use a Wifi or Mobile Carrier connection.

What customers can receive these capabilities?

  • Existing SiteCatalyst V15 customers will have these mobile reports and dimension breakdowns enabled automatically.
  • Existing SiteCatalyst V14.9 customers should submit a client care request to enable the subrelations for reports that need to breakdown information by mobile carrier or connection type.

Given the rapid adoption of mobile devices, we look forward to providing more enhancements to mobile analytics in the upcoming months. Please let us know about mobile requirements or ideas that would help you with mobile marketing.


Seema Gounder
Seema Gounder

Hi, I would like to understand how does this report capture data?