A delicate balance is required for marketers who wish to provide personalized and engaging mobile app experiences while at the same time protecting user privacy.

Building a great customer experience is critical to your business. But navigating COPPA compliance, appropriately handling sensitive location data, maintaining a customer friendly approach to in-app, and push messaging, while at the same time properly complying with OS developer guidelines (in your own code as well as in Vendor SDKs included in your app) also requires attention and periodic review.  App teams that fail to appropriately address these issues may face last-minute code changes to remove noncompliant SDKs, app store rejection, and legal action.

To help navigate these issues, Adobe recently published a whitepaper providing guidelines around privacy for mobile apps. The guide, sponsored by Vinay Goel, privacy product manager at Adobe, may be found here: Mobile App Privacy Customer Implementation Guide. The primer includes clear guidelines for handling privacy in mobile apps. If you haven’t assessed your app against these or similar guidelines recently, I recommend you take time now to perform a review of your app code including vendor SDKs.

Questions? Comment on this post or ask your account manager to coordinate a deeper discussion around privacy with our app team.