The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) recently published the following whitepaper “A Brand Marketer’s Guide to the Mobile Web and Mobile Apps:Not an Either/or Proposition”.  Click here to download.

This paper provides very informative analysis about the strengths and challenges that exist between mobile websites and mobile apps. Comparisons regarding the functional capabilities, development costs, and marketing reach of these two mobile tactics are included in the report.

Furthermore, the MMA describes the need to measure the performance of your mobile content in terms of engagement and usage. Specifically, the paper describes how The Weather Channel has been using Adobe SiteCatalyst for mobile analytics since August 2008.Henri Muller, the Director of Analysis & Insights, recommends “upfront planning” in the analytics process to properly identify the right variables for both mobile web and mobile app measurement.

Recently, The Weather Channel was recognized by Mobile Marketer for being the Number 1 Mobile content destination with 29.5 million unique visits in May 2011:

The Adobe team congratulates The Weather Channel on this achievement and looks forward to more collaboration on the measurement of mobile websites and mobile apps.

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