According to Forrester, more than 50% of companies report that they are just starting to develop their mobile strategy or have no mobile strategy at all.   This is curious to me given that mcommerce is forecasted to grow at a 55% compounded annual rate though 2015 based on recent eMarketer research.  Why the disconnect?  Clearly mobile commerce is exploding and yet somehow it has not yet hit the radar of many businesses.

What this paradox tells me is that NOW is an ideal time to differentiate and rise above your competition.

But how, you might ask?  By optimizing your site search, for starters.

  • When building a mobile site, don’t be swayed to include fancy graphics or elements that take a long time to load – speed is vital.  Even a one second delay in mobile page load time equals a
    7% loss in conversion according to the Aberdeen Group

  • Know what devices YOUR customers are using – use your own data to “sniff” these out and serve up optimized content for their particular device.
  • If your mobile site has more than three clicks to get to conversion, you are still doing it wrong.  (sorry)   What steps could you take out?  How can you help your customers reach their goals faster?
  • In addition, if your purchase takes more than three seconds, conversions will fall off the cliff.  Mobile customers are out and about and even more easily distracted. You need to hook them right away.
  • Use techniques like:  auto suggest – this means to “suggest” search results before the customer completes the search query.  For example, when a user starts to type in “bank acc”…show a drop down for bank accounts.  Auto correct is also a best practice where the site search will intelligently “correct” incorrect spelling and help the user out.

These are simple things but they can make a big difference.  I predict that by next year at this time, the vast majority of companies will have mobile optimized sites.  Do you need to catch up or could your brand be a leader??  Let us know how we can help.