Accord­ing to For­rester, more than 50% of com­pa­nies report that they are just start­ing to develop their mobile strat­egy or have no mobile strat­egy at all.   This is curi­ous to me given that mcom­merce is fore­casted to grow at a 55% com­pounded annual rate though 2015 based on recent eMar­keter research.  Why the dis­con­nect?  Clearly mobile com­merce is explod­ing and yet some­how it has not yet hit the radar of many businesses.

What this para­dox tells me is that NOW is an ideal time to dif­fer­en­ti­ate and rise above your competition.

But how, you might ask?  By opti­miz­ing your site search, for starters.

  • When build­ing a mobile site, don’t be swayed to include fancy graph­ics or ele­ments that take a long time to load – speed is vital.  Even a one sec­ond delay in mobile page load time equals a
    7% loss in con­ver­sion accord­ing to the Aberdeen Group

  • Know what devices YOUR cus­tomers are using — use your own data to “sniff” these out and serve up opti­mized con­tent for their par­tic­u­lar device.
  • If your mobile site has more than three clicks to get to con­ver­sion, you are still doing it wrong.  (sorry)   What steps could you take out?  How can you help your cus­tomers reach their goals faster?
  • In addi­tion, if your pur­chase takes more than three sec­onds, con­ver­sions will fall off the cliff.  Mobile cus­tomers are out and about and even more eas­ily dis­tracted. You need to hook them right away.
  • Use tech­niques like:  auto sug­gest – this means to “sug­gest” search results before the cus­tomer com­pletes the search query.  For exam­ple, when a user starts to type in “bank acc”…show a drop down for bank accounts.  Auto cor­rect is also a best prac­tice where the site search will intel­li­gently “cor­rect” incor­rect spelling and help the user out.

These are sim­ple things but they can make a big dif­fer­ence.  I pre­dict that by next year at this time, the vast major­ity of com­pa­nies will have mobile opti­mized sites.  Do you need to catch up or could your brand be a leader??  Let us know how we can help.