Recently, Adobe published a success story from Sprint that discussed their focus on analyzing and optimizing mobile content via the Adobe online marketing suite:  click here to download.

By measuring and analyzing engagement with their mobile website and mobile apps, Sprint has gleaned insights into what what is most important to their customers:

  • Most frequently used functions.
  • Mobile devices used including smartphones and tablets.
  • Navigation paths thru the mobile content.

These elements are analyzed to deliver optimized experiences to audience segments, as well as to define the company’s future website and mobile development strategies.  In addition, Sprint carefully balances the capabilities offered via their mobile apps (e.g., SprintZone) and their mobile website.  For example, the SprintZone app provides alerts and announcements to notify the customer about their accounts, news, and promotions.  Once the consumer receives the alert, they can select a link that launches the mobile website for additional information or to take action.

According to Jim Passantino at Sprint “Our mobile optimized site gives users the right balance of information and functionality, providing customers optimal account management, device browsing, store locator and coverage map experiences, and boosting traffic to our mobile website.”

We know that many marketers are challenged with the same decisions and encourage that practitioners use mobile analytics from Adobe SiteCatalyst to help guide and prioritize their mobile development strategy.

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