Recently, Adobe pub­lished a suc­cess story from Sprint that dis­cussed their focus on ana­lyz­ing and opti­miz­ing mobile con­tent via the Adobe online mar­ket­ing suite:  click here to down­load.

By mea­sur­ing and ana­lyz­ing engage­ment with their mobile web­site and mobile apps, Sprint has gleaned insights into what what is most impor­tant to their customers:

  • Most fre­quently used functions.
  • Mobile devices used includ­ing smart­phones and tablets.
  • Nav­i­ga­tion paths thru the mobile content.

These ele­ments are ana­lyzed to deliver opti­mized expe­ri­ences to audi­ence seg­ments, as well as to define the company’s future web­site and mobile devel­op­ment strate­gies.  In addi­tion, Sprint care­fully bal­ances the capa­bil­i­ties offered via their mobile apps (e.g., Sprint­Zone) and their mobile web­site.  For exam­ple, the Sprint­Zone app pro­vides alerts and announce­ments to notify the cus­tomer about their accounts, news, and pro­mo­tions.  Once the con­sumer receives the alert, they can select a link that launches the mobile web­site for addi­tional infor­ma­tion or to take action.

Accord­ing to Jim Pas­san­tino at Sprint “Our mobile opti­mized site gives users the right bal­ance of infor­ma­tion and func­tion­al­ity, pro­vid­ing cus­tomers opti­mal account man­age­ment, device brows­ing, store loca­tor and cov­er­age map expe­ri­ences, and boost­ing traf­fic to our mobile website.”

We know that many mar­keters are chal­lenged with the same deci­sions and encour­age that prac­ti­tion­ers use mobile ana­lyt­ics from Adobe Site­Cat­a­lyst to help guide and pri­or­i­tize their mobile devel­op­ment strategy.

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