With all the current talk and speculation about mobile testing, you might be wondering, “is now a good time to jump into testing?” and the answer is yes.  New functionality built into Adobe Analytics and Target libraries, including the release of “Lifecycle Metrics,” makes testing and optimizing on your mobile application much more seamless and effortless.

With the latest release of the ADMS App Measurement SDK, marketers now have the following metrics available to target to within Adobe Target (also available here) :

Adobe Mobile Optimization : Lifecycle Metrics

Adobe Mobile Optimization : Lifecycle Dimensions

To see some of the new Lifecycle Metric possibilities, we will demo some test ideas on the Spotify mobile app.

The first screen on the Spotify app is the splash screen/”home” screen, with options to login via Facebook or your standard Spotify credentials. Here is a perfect scenario to test leveraging the Lifecycle Metric Events, such as “InstallEvent” or “UpgradeEvent”. By harnessing key visit or engagement events marketers can now personalize the welcome experience like never before.

spotify login screen

Login Screen to Spotify App

Another example of optimization in the Spotify app comes on their “Discover” page, a personalized view of recommended music. Beyond the typical layout, copy, and call to action testing, Adobe Target allows you to customize how to deliver the content to each user individually. Here, a few optimization ideas include:

  • Changing the recommended music daily based on engagement, recorded preferences, in-app behaviors, number of views, and more
  • Test low/high resolution images as supported by the device
  • Present the visitor multiple song options on the screen at one time, passing visitor tastes into SiteCatalyst & Target for further analysis
  • Showcasing social elements such as Facebook friends who have also listened, number of friends who listened, trends, or links to purchase the song
spotify app - discover screen

Discover Screen of Spotify App

Finally, many pay-for and premium sites that allow for a free or trial period look for the “sweet spot” in views/songs/opens etc. With the “Launches”  LifeCycle metric, now marketers can easily monitor and test displaying premium registration messaging to find your visitors’ paywall. Not only does this provide insight into customer purchase behaviors, but will also shed light on potential cost-based segmentation strategies.

spotify app radio screen

Numerous optimization and personalization options are available on the radio playing views.

These are only a few examples of how the new Lifecycle Metrics and mobile application libraries can help you easily and quickly test your company’s app. Reach out to your Adobe Account Manager today to learn more and get started.