With all the cur­rent talk and spec­u­la­tion about mobile test­ing, you might be won­der­ing, “is now a good time to jump into test­ing?” and the answer is yes.  New func­tion­al­ity built into Adobe Ana­lyt­ics and Tar­get libraries, includ­ing the release of “Life­cy­cle Met­rics,” makes test­ing and opti­miz­ing on your mobile appli­ca­tion much more seam­less and effortless.

With the lat­est release of the ADMS App Mea­sure­ment SDK, mar­keters now have the fol­low­ing met­rics avail­able to tar­get to within Adobe Tar­get (also avail­able here) :

Adobe Mobile Optimization : Lifecycle Metrics

Adobe Mobile Optimization : Lifecycle Dimensions

To see some of the new Life­cy­cle Met­ric pos­si­bil­i­ties, we will demo some test ideas on the Spo­tify mobile app.

The first screen on the Spo­tify app is the splash screen/”home” screen, with options to login via Face­book or your stan­dard Spo­tify cre­den­tials. Here is a per­fect sce­nario to test lever­ag­ing the Life­cy­cle Met­ric Events, such as “Instal­lEvent” or “UpgradeEvent”. By har­ness­ing key visit or engage­ment events mar­keters can now per­son­al­ize the wel­come expe­ri­ence like never before.

spotify login screen

Login Screen to Spo­tify App

Another exam­ple of opti­miza­tion in the Spo­tify app comes on their “Dis­cover” page, a per­son­al­ized view of rec­om­mended music. Beyond the typ­i­cal lay­out, copy, and call to action test­ing, Adobe Tar­get allows you to cus­tomize how to deliver the con­tent to each user indi­vid­u­ally. Here, a few opti­miza­tion ideas include:

  • Chang­ing the rec­om­mended music daily based on engage­ment, recorded pref­er­ences, in-app behav­iors, num­ber of views, and more
  • Test low/high res­o­lu­tion images as sup­ported by the device
  • Present the vis­i­tor mul­ti­ple song options on the screen at one time, pass­ing vis­i­tor tastes into Site­Cat­a­lyst & Tar­get for fur­ther analysis
  • Show­cas­ing social ele­ments such as Face­book friends who have also lis­tened, num­ber of friends who lis­tened, trends, or links to pur­chase the song
spotify app - discover screen

Dis­cover Screen of Spo­tify App

Finally, many pay-for and pre­mium sites that allow for a free or trial period look for the “sweet spot” in views/songs/opens etc. With the “Launches”  Life­Cy­cle met­ric, now mar­keters can eas­ily mon­i­tor and test dis­play­ing pre­mium reg­is­tra­tion mes­sag­ing to find your vis­i­tors’ pay­wall. Not only does this pro­vide insight into cus­tomer pur­chase behav­iors, but will also shed light on poten­tial cost-based seg­men­ta­tion strategies.

spotify app radio screen

Numer­ous opti­miza­tion and per­son­al­iza­tion options are avail­able on the radio play­ing views.

These are only a few exam­ples of how the new Life­cy­cle Met­rics and mobile appli­ca­tion libraries can help you eas­ily and quickly test your company’s app. Reach out to your Adobe Account Man­ager today to learn more and get started.