Smartphone and Tablet

Adobe Summit 2013 will include 12 sessions for marketers and developers who are thinking mobile first. To complement Adobe experts, we have invited customer and partner speakers from Wells Fargo, Hyatt Hotels,, Move Inc.,, First Energy, Nascar, Time Warner Cable, Sapient, CityTech, Cognifide, and SiteWorx.  Here is a list of the key mobile sessions by theme:

Mobile Analytics

  • S108, Mobile analytics: Basic techniques for getting started.  Our mobile consulting lead, Carl Sandquist, will present tips and tricks for analyzing mobile websites and mobile apps.  Carl will be joined by John Shori from Move Inc. who will discuss mobile analytics for
  • S109, Advanced techniques for analyzing your mobile channels and tactics.  Laura Chase, senior consultant, and Carl Sandquist will present advanced tips and tricks for analyzing mobile campaigns, mobile apps, and cross-device visitor behavior.  This session is designed for analytics pros who are ready to slice & dice their mobile data via advanced segmentation techniques.
  • S110, New innovations for mobile with the Adobe Marketing Cloud.  Roger Woods from product management will highlight what’s new for mobile analytics and optimization across the Adobe Marketing Cloud.  Roger will be joined by Dan Mazza from Gannett who will discuss mobile analytics challenges and successes for the USA Today.

Mobile Targeting & Optimization

  • S701, Different screen, different world: How to optimize your mobile experience.  Russ Lewis from Adobe consulting will discuss testing and optimization techniques for mobile websites and apps.  He will be joined by Brandon Camp from will describe the use of Adobe Target for A/B testing of mobile apps.
  • S702, Personalized mobile experiences: How mobile and targeting come together.  I will talk about the opportunity cost of not investing in mobile personalization, how to think “mobile unique”, and discuss the elements of success for mobile personalization.  I will be joined by Ron Nagy, senior evangelist from Adobe, will demonstrate a new app for marketers that includes personalized content recommendations.

Mobile Experience Management

  • S211, Mobile and tablets: One size fits all?  Gunnar Klauberg from product marketing will discuss techniques for providing a coherent experience across multiple screens and the use of responsive design.  He will be joined by Bill Bernahl, VP of eCommerce at Hyatt Hotels.
  • S212, Build blockbuster mobile apps the easy way!  Cedric Huesler from product management will discuss how to leverage web design and development skills to build cool mobile apps.

Mobile Advertising

  • S307, Mobile advertising: Will the return on ad spend meet my expectations?  I will be moderating a panel with executives from Wells Fargo, and Levelwing to discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities of mobile advertising.

Marketing Innovations

  • S502, The new mobile playbook: Turning big data into big dollars.  We will have Jack Philbin, CEO of Vibes and Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, as a special guest to discuss mobile relationship management and 3 pillars of mobile marketing innovation in 2013 and beyond.

Technical Labs

  • L607, Developing engaging mobile apps with built-in analytics and targeting.  Roger Woods from product management will lead this hands-on developer session that will focus on the implementation of Adobe Analytics for native mobile apps and Adobe Target for mobile app optimization.
  • L613, Mobile first: How to build and deliver a consistent multichannel experience.  Andrew Savory from technical marketing will lead this hands-on session for building websites with Adobe Experience Manager that are optimized to multiple devices and form factors.

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