Mobile Marketing Sessions at Adobe Summit 2014

I’ve been beating the “mobile first” drum for some time now. Can you hear it? Do you hear the sound of possibility within it, or does it overwhelm you with anxiety?

No need to fear. Yes, mobile marketing is complex and there is a lot to learn, but thankfully, there are technologists, innovators, and early adopters to learn from. There’s never been a more exciting time in mobile marketing than now. There’s much to learn from those “marching” at the head of the pack.

Because mobile cuts across all your marketing efforts, I’m recommending sessions in a “mobile marketing” virtual track to help you navigate all of the great content at Adobe Summit 2014. These sessions are for mobile leaders, mobile marketers, and mobile app developers at every level of maturity, regardless of where mobile stands in your current marketing lineup. Also, if you want to see me speaking live, I’ll be moderating a session focused on location-based targeting with the mobile leaders from Trulia, REI, and Vibes. Stop by and say hello.

Here’s the “Mobile Marketing” Virtual Track with my session recommendations.

Track:  Marketing Analytics
Session 307, Mobile Analytics: App-centric Insights for Teams Thinking Mobile First
Featuring: A&E Networks

Do you understand where, when, and how apps are used by your customers? The average session length in mobile apps is four times longer than websites when using tablets and smartphones. It’s time to gain insights on how mobile apps are driving and influencing business results.

Session Topics

  • Set up report suites for analyzing apps with mobile services for Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Lifecycle metrics and the value of retention, cohort, and pathing analysis for apps
  • Advanced analysis of geolocation with GPS data and customer lifetime value.

Track:  Personalization and Optimization
Session 602, Mobile, the Next Frontier—Optimizing the Lifetime Value of Your Customers on the Go
Featuring: RedBox

This year, more of your customers engaged with your brand from a mobile device than ever before—about 25 percent of visits to websites originated from tablets and smartphones. Yet customers behave and engage differently with mobile channels, making targeting the right offers and optimizing mobile experiences more critical than ever. Mobile optimization helps you turn your mobile customers into lifetime customers.

Track:  Personalization and Optimization
Session 603, Location, Location, Location! Effective Mobile Targeting in an App-centric World
Featuring: REI, Trulia, and Vibes

In a world where 154,000 apps are downloaded every minute, how do you get the most value and revenue out of your consumers’ fingertips? You do it by keeping a pulse on your customers’ interactions, making every mobile interaction count. Whether helping someone find a service center in the vicinity or taking advantage of a promotion nearby, location-based targeting is the most effective yet untapped opportunity to engage mobile customers and present “calls to action.” Come learn how to leverage GPS location for powerful mobile targeting.

Track:  Web Experience Management
Session 810, Mobile Throw Down: The Battle Between Hybrid, Native, and Web
Featuring: CityTech

Given the continued growth of smartphone and tablet users, no doubt you’re thinking about how you can move your business forward with mobile. Learn how to determine which technology options—responsive design compared to adaptive for mobile Web, native versus hybrid for mobile apps—are best for you. Discover how to develop a customer-centric mobile strategy that will deliver an ROI that you can be proud of. This session will help you develop a mobile strategy that will improve the customer experience, determine which mobile approaches are the best fit for your mobile strategy, and leverage hybrid app development to deliver personalized, cost-effective mobile apps to your customers.

Track: Web Experience Management
Session 819, Deliver Engaging Mobile App Content to Customers Again and Again
Featuring: Wyndham Worldwide

By now, you have released several versions of your flagship mobile app. Now comes the real challenge: How do you keep your customers engaged with relevant, personalized content and continue to evolve high-performing apps for multiple devices and platforms with limited developer resources? Hear how Lowes and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts transitioned to more effective mobile app development and marketing strategies when facing the same dilemma. This session will explore ways to tailor your mobile app development and marketing strategies in response to changing customer and technology needs, as well as ways to reduce time to market and app development costs.

Track:  Web Experience Management
Session 815, Do All Brands Need to be (App) Publishers?
Featuring: Lord Abbett and Conde Naste

Whether you’re a brand trying to create a landing page or a publisher aiming to release an editorial, one thing remains constant: the ability to efficiently and productively leverage and push engaging content across multiple channels. Enterprises today are increasingly challenged to create consistent and effective processes to disseminate content. This session will explore ways to build a content marketing or editorial workflow strategy to drive competitive advantage; automate internal workflows to push editorial content across print, media, and Web; and leverage an integrated platform to increase efficiency and productivity.

Track:  Web Experience Management
Session 814, Commerce & Content Systems Converging, Forrester and Adobe Perspective
Featuring: Forrester Research

Marketing and e-commerce teams have traditionally served different purposes with brand sites and the online store, but they are increasingly finding value in making all content experiences “shopping friendly” across digital touch points including mobile apps and mobile websites. Successful integration of the two teams and their respective platforms will help companies maintain cross-channel consistency and engender rich, contextual experiences throughout the customer life cycle. This session will explore ways to bring it all together and create compelling experiences in this new world that addresses your brand requirements and your e-commerce objectives.

Track:  Cross Channel Campaign Management
Session 111, SoLoMo: The Convergence of Channel and Opportunity

How developed is your SoLoMo (social, local, and mobile) strategy? With smartphones, information is accessed everywhere, anytime. Brands have boosted their revenue by leveraging Facebook data to personalize mobile content, proposing contextual and geo-specific offers, and optimizing purchases on mobile devices. Thanks to geolocation, interactions between brands and consumers can be more relevant, both online and offline. This session will explore best practices in leveraging push notifications and personalized content in mobile apps as well as tactical tips and tricks for sending the right message, at the right time, in the right location.

Track:  Social Marketing
Session 506, Location-Based Data Trove: Real-time Social Marketing
Featuring: Foursquare

Just last year, doubters questioned Foursquare’s ability to turn its popularity into a viable business. Today, with more than 40 million users worldwide, 55 million venues in their database, and 4.5 billion check-ins, Foursquare is sitting on a vast trove of valuable data that everyone wants. This session will explore ways in which your organization can filter the signals from the noise within location-based, real-time data. Come learn how your business can use location-based data to target and engage the right customers at the right time in real time.

Track:  Hands-On Lab
Session 710, Technical Session: Accelerate Your App Marketing with Adobe Mobile Services and Adobe Marketing Cloud SDKs         

Take your mobile app marketing to the next level with Adobe Mobile services. It offers an app-centric UI, integrated workflows between Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, and a single SDK.

Hands-On Developer Lab Topics

  • Implement the latest features of Adobe Analytics, including lifetime value, timed actions, and app conversion tracking
  • Perform location-based testing and targeting techniques
  • Optimize an app based on custom audience segments
  • Create and manage push campaigns in an app.

Track:  Hands-On Lab
Session 712, Technical Session: Building Mobile Apps with PhoneGap Enterprise

Learn how to build mobile applications for iPhone and Android using PhoneGap Enterprise and Adobe Experience Manager. Put together a multiscreen mobile app, test it in simulators, and learn how to keep it updated—all using the familiar authoring interface of Experience Manager.

Hands-On Lab Topics

  • Build your own mobile application
  • Test your application in simulators
  • Update your application on the fly.

Track:  Hands-On Lab
Session 722, Technical Session: Mobile App Development and Content Management

Building and maintaining effective mobile apps presents several challenges, from supporting different operating systems to managing frequently updated content. Learn how Adobe Experience Manager and PhoneGap can help you manage apps using systems and interfaces that you’re already familiar with like HTML5. This session will explore building and deploying mobile apps from your Web experience management system; updating content and pushing it to the native app; and adding native capabilities to an app without resubmitting code.

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