Since the public announcement of Microsoft’s Surface tablet, my inbox has been flooded with questions on when our Windows 8 app measurement library will be available.  I’m hoping this post will address those questions and serve as a place for people to ask questions or comment.

Our Windows 8 library will be posted to when it is ready and will be available as a public beta until the production release of Windows 8. The library at general availability will be compatible with the full version of Windows 8 as well as the RT version for ARM devices.  Here is the link to the beta version of the Windows 8 library : Windows 8 SDK

For those familiar with our new libraries for iOS and Android, the Windows 8 library will be at parity in terms of feature/function, like offline tracking, context data, media module, auto tracking, best practices metrics, etc.  Since we’re integrating the Test & Target library in with the iOS analytics library in the July 19th release, you’ll see insane optimization capabilities for Windows 8 apps from day 1 as well because it will follow suit.  #adoberocks

We know the desktop app environment has potential to drive greater engagement and access to your content and products.  Apple announced the Mac App Store in early 2011 and had over 100 million downloads in the first year, setting them up as  one of the largest software stores globally.  Microsoft is definitely eyeing Apple’s success in the desktop space they dominate and wanting to take it one step further by bringing convergence of desktop apps with the skyrocketing tablet space.  No wonder my inbox is flooded with inquiries…

One of the other questions I get from people is, “will you now give us a Windows version of Bloodhound for Windows 8 development?”  Time will tell.  =]

Post a comment/question if you have something on your mind.