Since the pub­lic announce­ment of Microsoft’s Sur­face tablet, my inbox has been flooded with ques­tions on when our Win­dows 8 app mea­sure­ment library will be avail­able.  I’m hop­ing this post will address those ques­tions and serve as a place for peo­ple to ask ques­tions or comment.

Our Win­dows 8 library will be posted to devel​oper​.omni​ture​.com when it is ready and will be avail­able as a pub­lic beta until the pro­duc­tion release of Win­dows 8. The library at gen­eral avail­abil­ity will be com­pat­i­ble with the full ver­sion of Win­dows 8 as well as the RT ver­sion for ARM devices.  Here is the link to the beta ver­sion of the Win­dows 8 library : Win­dows 8 SDK

For those famil­iar with our new libraries for iOS and Android, the Win­dows 8 library will be at par­ity in terms of feature/function, like offline track­ing, con­text data, media mod­ule, auto track­ing, best prac­tices met­rics, etc.  Since we’re inte­grat­ing the Test & Tar­get library in with the iOS ana­lyt­ics library in the July 19th release, you’ll see insane opti­miza­tion capa­bil­i­ties for Win­dows 8 apps from day 1 as well because it will fol­low suit.  #adoberocks

We know the desk­top app envi­ron­ment has poten­tial to drive greater engage­ment and access to your con­tent and prod­ucts.  Apple announced the Mac App Store in early 2011 and had over 100 mil­lion down­loads in the first year, set­ting them up as  one of the largest soft­ware stores glob­ally.  Microsoft is def­i­nitely eye­ing Apple’s suc­cess in the desk­top space they dom­i­nate and want­ing to take it one step fur­ther by bring­ing con­ver­gence of desk­top apps with the sky­rock­et­ing tablet space.  No won­der my inbox is flooded with inquiries…

One of the other ques­tions I get from peo­ple is, “will you now give us a Win­dows ver­sion of Blood­hound for Win­dows 8 devel­op­ment?”  Time will tell.  =]

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