Ed Hadley[Posted by , Senior Mar­ket­ing Man­ager, Neolane, Inc.]

Last week, I recapped the six over­ar­ch­ing themes that emerged from Neolane Evo­lu­tion 2013.  Most of that mate­r­ial came from the event’s keynote speak­ers, includ­ing For­rester Prin­ci­pal Ana­lyst Shar Van­Boskirk, Don Pep­pers from Pep­pers & Rogers Group, Neolane Chief Prod­uct Offi­cer Sur­resh Vit­tal, and Neolane CEO Stephane Dehoche.

Today, I would like to focus on another sig­nif­i­cant por­tion of the agenda: cus­tomer pre­sen­ta­tions.  More than 15 Neolane cus­tomers shared their sto­ries over two days at Neolane Evo­lu­tion.  The results they have achieved with the help of Neolane are impres­sive and in some cases, amaz­ing.  Here, I’ve col­lected 25 of the best stats from those sessions. 

Neolane EvolutionBarnes & Noble/NOOK

  • Genre-specific newslet­ters sig­nif­i­cantly out­per­formed batch: rev­enue per email grew 194% for sci­ence fic­tion and 167% for romance
  • Well-timed emails to cus­tomers who pur­chased any book in a series – but not the next book – out­per­formed other tests by over 300% and are among highest-performing emails
  • By includ­ing more copy and mar­ket­ing mes­sages in trans­ac­tional emails, linked orders increased by 179% dur­ing the first two weeks

Sony Gen­er­a­tor

  • Gen­er­a­tor deliv­ers more than 150 mil­lion tar­geted emails annu­ally with Neolane and engages more than 1 bil­lion social connections
  • Social media dom­i­nates refer­ral traf­fic (Face­book: 56%; Twit­ter: 28%; Email: 16%), while email pro­duces the high­est con­ver­sion rate (Email: ~5%; Face­book: 3%; Twit­ter: 2%)
  • Gen­er­a­tor used Neolane Social Mar­ket­ing to cre­ate Johnny Cash Face­book app that grew list 20%, enriched sub­scriber pro­files, and drove deeper engagement


  • Thalys uses Neolane to deliver e-tickets (per­son­al­ized in real time with QR codes) via email, mobile or SMS; in 2012, Neolane han­dled more than 2 mil­lion e-tickets.
  • Within 10 months of imple­ment­ing Neolane, Thalys’ mar­ket­ing data­base grew more than 100% to 3.1 mil­lion con­tacts.  By 2013, it had grown to 6.1 mil­lion contacts.

EMI Music

  • EMI uses Neolane to send thou­sands of 1-to-1 cam­paigns across email, mobile and social media, and then mea­sure results in real time
  • Tris­tan Pret­ty­man lis­ten­ing party Face­book app grew email list by 30%. Those con­tacts are 21% more engaged than others
  • EMI Clas­sics got a 50% con­ver­sion from click-to-sign up by post­ing a ban­ner as a Face­book wall post, cap­tur­ing an audi­ence that might not nor­mally click on a page.


  • Real-time rec­om­men­da­tions on the PMU web­site have gen­er­ated a 200% increase in cross-sell revenue
  • 76% of first-time sports bet­tors orig­i­nate from inter­ac­tive web­site 1:1 personalization
  • On its web­site, PMU dynam­i­cally pro­poses a mes­sage to users with bad email addresses; this cam­paign has seen a 9% cap­ture rate, an increase of 26%


  • Since re-launching their loy­alty cam­paign, Lin­dex has enrolled 150,000 new loy­alty mem­bers while cap­tur­ing 400% more mobile num­bers and 90% more email addresses
  • By lever­ag­ing more behav­ioral and trig­gered mes­sag­ing, Lin­dex has increased email open rates from 18% to 35% and more than tripled the num­ber of campaign


  • Allianz reduced new cam­paign devel­op­ment from sev­eral months to 2 weeks
  • By imple­ment­ing data qual­ity rou­tines and enlarged lead fun­nel, Allianz has achieved £ six-figure ben­e­fits per quarter
  • Allianz is tar­get­ing 7-figure rev­enue uplift as a result of incor­po­rat­ing atti­tu­di­nal seg­men­ta­tion into lead man­age­ment campaigns

The Mar­ket­ing Store/Nissan:

  • Work­ing with The Mar­ket­ing Store, Nis­san has achieved a two-week reduc­tion in major cam­paign lead time
  • Nis­san has seen its high­est ever dealer engage­ment in mar­ket­ing pro­grams, as well as higher response rates
  • The Mar­ket­ing Store has helped keep Nis­san and Infiniti near the fore­front of cus­tomer ser­vice reten­tion in the indus­try, with a 9:1 ROI on the over­all program


  • Lead opti­miza­tion campaigns—with scores based on both con­tent con­sump­tion and observed behaviors—have gen­er­ated over $1.5M in qual­i­fied opportunities
  • Neolane forms have much higher com­ple­tion rate that other forms (over 25% com­pared to 10%) due to pre­load­ing of recip­i­ent data and no need for login

ACS Solu­tions Group/Baxter Credit Union (BCU):

  • ACS Solu­tions Group helped BCU drive a 30% decrease in num­ber of mar­ket­ing processes

Since I wasn’t able to attend every cus­tomer pre­sen­ta­tion, I’m prob­a­bly miss­ing a few great cus­tomer stats.  Leave a com­ment with addi­tional stats gleaned from the ses­sions and I will update this post as needed.