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Customers today are using an arsenal of tools to gather, consume, and share relevant information. With this world of opportunity for customers comes a significant challenge for marketers to streamline their efforts and delivering targeted messages through the proper channels.

In 2012, Neolane featured several webinars focused on the “age of the customer,” with tips and tactics for marketers to implement a cross-channel marketing strategy to acquire and retain loyal customers.  This post highlights five of our favorite webinars from 2012, ranging from loyalty marketing to digital marketing channels, to explore customer marketing in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Loyalty Programs: Best Practices in the Age of Transparency


This snippet features Don Peppers, a leading authority on customer-focused relationship management strategies, talking about the four steps in managing customer relationships. Drawing from concepts in his new book, Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage, Don dissects key loyalty program challenges, such as understanding customer expectations in the “Age of Transparency,” and “doing things right” while “doing the right things” to build customer trust.


Aligning your Marketing Technology Roadmap and Mobile Apps


In this webinar clip, Rob Brosnan, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, talks about marketers’ biggest struggle: customer data unification. Rob gives advice about how to get started creating a roadmap for cross-channel relevance, ranging from leveraging big data to incorporating emerging channels, such as social media, geo-location services, and mobile apps.

Unraveling the Complexity of Cross-Channel Messaging

This informative webinar clip features Shar VanBoskirk, Vice President, Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, and Kristin Hambelton, Vice President of Marketing, Neolane. Shar shows several examples of brands that have succeeded by using customer insights to create their business strategy in this new “Age of the Customer” while also exploring a customer-centric (not channel-centric) approach that increases share of mind and wallet.

PURLs of Wisdom: Digital Marketing Strategies for Increasing Online Engagement and Revenue

In this webinar snippet, Bernie Turner, Marketing Manager & Digital Strategist at Fan One Marketing, provides a definition of PURLs and explains why marketers should be using them to elevate the customer experience.  He also shows an example PURL template that can be used for acquisition, development, or retention. In the full webinar replay, Bernie shares many professional sports examples and how they have used PURLs in their marketing initiatives

Taking Charge of Email Deliverability

In this last webinar, Mark Rafferty, Manager of Account Services at Fresh Address, goes over the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) question marketers have to address in order to get valid and usable email addresses from customers. He explains the importance of collecting quality contact information from customers to establish trust with the brand and make customers feel marketers are offering something of value to them.

Upcoming Webinar

As we head into 2013, Neolane will be offering a whole new series of exciting webinars. Our webinar series will kick off as we partner with Return Path to deliver “7 Practical Email Deliverability Resolutions You Can Stick to in 2013” on January 23, 2013. Register here.


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