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Marketo’s IPO opened Friday at $20 per share and closed the trading session at $23.10, nearly 78% above the listing price.  This “pop” is great for the company’s employees and investors, and we congratulate them.  On a macro level, it’s the latest proof point that marketing technology is a blisteringly hot market with tremendous growth and potential.   Why?  More and more brands are realizing that delivering great customer experiences is the only true differentiator in today’s digital era.  They’re turning to strategic marketing platforms that address the explosion of channels (web, email, mobile, social, etc.) and corresponding increase of big data.

With customer demand for marketing technology surging—Neolane experienced 40% global consolidated growth and $58 million in revenue in 2012—big bets are being made by both the private and public markets.  Within the last three years alone, the number of transactions and the amount invested in our industry is staggering.  To put it into perspective, we created this Monopoloy-inspired infographic to illustrate the race underway to dominate the marketing technology industry.  Who will succeed?  Only time will tell.  As VP of Marketing for one of the last independent and agile vendors, I’m confident that Neolane is well positioned to continue innovating and delivering on its mission of helping brands to redefine how they engage with their customers.

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Digital Marketing Monopoly



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