In the very first inning of the optimization game, we discovered that targeting is much more than simple A/B testing. You need the right pitches to play in the big leagues, and the 2013 Adobe Digital Marking Optimization survey results provide deep insights into how the game should be played.

So who are these “all stars” who are playing the game right, and what kind of results are they achieving? Here are three examples of players who’ve made the all-star team using Adobe Target.

Jennifer Towns, director, retention marketing, AOL: Jennifer leads the Retention Marketing team within the Paid Services division of AOL. She has spearheaded the use of targeting and optimization, transforming the way retention marketing initiates change. AOL’s retention services marketing team optimized web pages to promote the value-added services in their Internet plan bundles. Adoption of service extras, like tech support, virus protection, and online data backup, is up 20%.

David Wright, vice president of digital analytics, SunTrust Bank: David built the digital analytics practice for SunTrust Bank, and his team drives and measures strategic objectives including improving new client acquisition, increasing cross-sell, and creating a better client experience as demand for anywhere access to digital services grows. By continually refining customer experiences in its digital channels, SunTrust improved online credit card application conversions by 47%, and boosted click-throughs for both new and existing customers by 50%.

Ashish Braganza, senior manager of global business intelligence, Lenovo: Tasked with delivering an annual eight-fold return on the company’s investment in its digital marketing program, Braganza’s team exceeded the goal with a twelve-fold return within two quarters.

Do you have the tools and the knowledge that it takes to play on the same field with other digital marketing innovators? Do you know when it’s advantageous to use partial-factorial multivariate testing, or how to employ “day parting” for mobile search engine marketing campaigns? Find out if you’re an all-star, a pro, or still playing in the minor leagues by taking our Adobe Testing and Targeting IQ Quiz. When you complete the quiz, you’ll have the opportunity to up your game by downloading our latest testing and targeting reports for more insights and tips.