Last inning, we identified several digital marketing innovators who have made the all-star team using Adobe Target. Not surprisingly, these players have expanded their game beyond simple A/B testing. Just as a pitcher might throw a fastball, a sinker, or a curveball depending on the batter, you need a whole spectrum of plays to win. If you want to be an all-star and build a winning team, you need the tools to facilitate those plays.

So ask yourself: Are you getting maximum value from your targeting efforts? If the answer is no, how can you improve your results? Used in conjunction with A/B testing, the following plays can increase site conversion and boost bottom-line revenue dramatically:

Multivariate testing: Multivariate testing is similar to A/B testing, but enables marketers to test multiple elements simultaneously to experiment with different combinations of content and creative to produce the intended result.

Recommendations and cross-selling: Suggesting products and services that are related to items that a website visitor has viewed or purchased can be a powerful revenue-generating tool and build customer loyalty.

Automated decisioning and targeting: Automating site personalization with a real-time decisioning engine can be very effective on high-traffic websites or pages with specific offers such as homepages, landing pages, and product pages.

These are just three of the many plays that optimization all-stars use to win, and only Adobe Target provides all of the tools that digital marketers need to play the game right.

If you’re interested in maximizing your website’s potential but aren’t sure of the right optimization methods to use, check out the new, free Adobe Target Value Navigator and start calculating the conversion rate and revenue impact these methods can have on your site.

value nav 1

The Value Navigator is an interactive evaluation tool that will help you assess how different optimization methods can help improve your conversion rate and revenue. You can select various optimization methods and experiment with different scenarios to compare potential conversion and revenue lift ranges across your website.

  value nav 2






value nav 3







At the end of your session, you’ll receive personalized and actionable recommendations on the specific optimization tactics that are most likely to generate the greatest projected conversion rate lift and revenue increase customized for your organization.

 value nav 4






The lift percentages you will see in the above steps are based on real results seen by the Adobe Consulting Services team across a spectrum of companies, industries and sophistication levels. This tool will place you within a certain range in that spectrum based on your organizational structure and the types of optimization methods you plan to implement. These are real lift ranges based on real companies using a variety of optimization techniques.

No other technology company can give you this valuable insight. Start now to get a customized set of optimization recommendations for your organization.