For sports fans, an all-star game is an exciting opportunity to see the best of the best. At Adobe, we’re proud to recognize digital marketing all-stars with the Adobe Marketer of the Month Award. You’ve met some of these all-star players before in previous blog entries. We’ll introduce three more in this post, and let you know how you can join them.

This September, we are awarding the Marketer of the Month Award to a colleague using Adobe Target to hit home runs in their organization. If you think you have what it takes to be an all-star, submit a one-slide synopsis of your best play—for example, one that generated the most revenue lift or produced the highest sustained overall ROI—to

The winner will be recognized with our September Marketer of the Month Award and receive a free pass to Adobe Summit 2014* to explore the latest trends in digital marketing. The winner will also have the opportunity to be a featured speaker on the popular “ROI All-Star Panel” for Summit 2014 and present their organization’s optimization success story to a packed Summit audience. The deadline for submissions is August 30.

Using Adobe Target, these all-stars have hit home runs in the optimization game:

all star1Christopher Marin, director, digital marketing platform at CSC, routinely tests and targets content and offers against customer segments to achieve higher email campaign conversion.



 all star2Ken Foster, director of digital media at McGladrey, consistently evaluates the effectiveness of featured links on the company’s homepage and targets visitors by location to encourage local visitors to attend on-site events.



all star3Linda Tai, director of analytics at YouSendIt, improved conversion on the company’s homepage by 6% and is enhancing the lifetime value (LTV) of customers.



Is your game good enough to compete with these all-stars? There’s only one way to find out. You can’t win if you don’t enter, so submit your best play now to!

*Does not include travel or per diem expenses.



This seems like an awesome award! I have to say, I totally wouldn't mind getting the Adobe Marketer of the Month award...Maybe one day it will actually happen for me!