In August we focused a lot of our social media content around how to optimize digital holiday  marketing campaigns because it’s the perfect time of year to work on and refine your plans. Testing and trying things out in advance can also help you better anticipate what will resonate with your online visitors once the buying frenzy is actually upon us.

Adobe experts from our consulting, product marketing and product management groups shared weekly “Quick Tips” about how to get websites ready for Q4. We also curated related articles and blog posts from across the web and shared them via our @adobedigmktg Twitter account and Facebook page. We’ve compiled all of August’s great content here in one blog post for easy reference. Let us know what other types of monthly content you would like to see in the future.


Week One: Resist the temptation to shut down your testing program over the holiday break. While other companies go into code and testing freezes during their busy season, take advantage of testing with high traffic and motivated customers and make this holiday season your best ever. In addition to testing the obvious things like the layout configuration of your holiday landing page, take the opportunity to gain deeper insights and test the entire concept of a holiday-themed site. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll have learned something valuable and hopefully walked away with a better site!

Jason Hickey is a team lead and optimization consultant for Adobe Digital Marketing clients in the emerging markets, automotive, financial, and technology verticals. Jason has helped clients like Sears, Starwood Hotels, DirecTV, Electronic Arts, and SAP, optimize their online presence.

Week Two: Boost your conversion rates by enhancing the sense of urgency. Any offer can be made more engaging when a countdown is added to it. Based on the characteristics of your site and behavior of your website visitors, anything from a “how many days are remaining” counter to a ticking clock complete with seconds countdown will raise the awareness of potential customers that the time to act is now.

Aaron Graham is a team lead for the Adobe Digital Consulting team and is based in San Francisco. He has worked with companies such as Dell, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, and in creating and executing world-class testing and optimization programs.

Week Three: The holiday season is a great time to educate and help consumers discover gift giving ideas. Consider shooting individual video clips highlighting a single gift; then, use campaign targeting rules to dynamically combine these individual video clips into one overall video that serves as a holiday gift guide – customized to each site visitor. For example, a visitor identified as a young mom could be served a video consisting of video clips for several toddler toys and a shaver for her husband. Breaking down video into smaller clips makes it possible to leverage and re-use content for campaign optimization. And best of all – these video gift giving guides can be used across multiple channels including email campaigns, landing pages, on a website, social media campaigns, and even print campaigns with QR codes that direct consumers to the online video.

Cynthia Tillo is the senior product manager for Adobe Scene7, part of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. Her expertise in video, mobile and rich media viewers has helped hundreds of clients optimize dynamic content publishing across all their digital channels to improve the end customer experience.

Week Four: As you strategize the switch from summer savings to gift-giving glee, help drive conversions by incorporating rich experiences in your Holiday season planning. Here are a few tips to get you started. Optimize the first page experience with engaging, relevant content and incentives to convert your visitors into new or repeat buyers. From animated banners to interactive recommendations to video, engage your audience with a customized, dynamic initial experience based on data available from each visitor. Personalizing landing pages with relevant content such as information related to geography (like expedited shipping promotions) can also deliver strong ROI.

Additionally, remember to design with mobile in mind and create mobile interactions with rich product visualization that are optimized for device type including, embedded, large-viewer or full-screen interactive zoom and pan, 360-degree spin, and enhanced video functionalities. Support touch and multi-gesture display controls, and designate interactions and navigations with large buttons.

Natalie Lacuesta Byrum is product marketing manager for Scene7 dynamic media solutions at Adobe and helps customers dynamically deliver rich, personalized experiences across channels.


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