In August we focused a lot of our social media con­tent around how to opti­mize dig­i­tal hol­i­day  mar­ket­ing cam­paigns because it’s the per­fect time of year to work on and refine your plans. Test­ing and try­ing things out in advance can also help you bet­ter antic­i­pate what will res­onate with your online vis­i­tors once the buy­ing frenzy is actu­ally upon us.

Adobe experts from our con­sult­ing, prod­uct mar­ket­ing and prod­uct man­age­ment groups shared weekly “Quick Tips” about how to get web­sites ready for Q4. We also curated related arti­cles and blog posts from across the web and shared them via our @adobedigmktg Twit­ter account and Face­book page. We’ve com­piled all of August’s great con­tent here in one blog post for easy ref­er­ence. Let us know what other types of monthly con­tent you would like to see in the future.


Week One: Resist the temp­ta­tion to shut down your test­ing pro­gram over the hol­i­day break. While other com­pa­nies go into code and test­ing freezes dur­ing their busy sea­son, take advan­tage of test­ing with high traf­fic and moti­vated cus­tomers and make this hol­i­day sea­son your best ever. In addi­tion to test­ing the obvi­ous things like the lay­out con­fig­u­ra­tion of your hol­i­day land­ing page, take the oppor­tu­nity to gain deeper insights and test the entire con­cept of a holiday-themed site. Regard­less of the out­come, you’ll have learned some­thing valu­able and hope­fully walked away with a bet­ter site!

Jason Hickey is a team lead and opti­miza­tion con­sul­tant for Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing clients in the emerg­ing mar­kets, auto­mo­tive, finan­cial, and tech­nol­ogy ver­ti­cals. Jason has helped clients like Sears, Star­wood Hotels, DirecTV, Elec­tronic Arts, and SAP, opti­mize their online pres­ence.

Week Two: Boost your con­ver­sion rates by enhanc­ing the sense of urgency. Any offer can be made more engag­ing when a count­down is added to it. Based on the char­ac­ter­is­tics of your site and behav­ior of your web­site vis­i­tors, any­thing from a “how many days are remain­ing” counter to a tick­ing clock com­plete with sec­onds count­down will raise the aware­ness of poten­tial cus­tomers that the time to act is now.

Aaron Gra­ham is a team lead for the Adobe Dig­i­tal Con­sult­ing team and is based in San Fran­cisco. He has worked with com­pa­nies such as Dell, Dol­lar Thrifty Auto­mo­tive Group, and Restau​rant​.com in cre­at­ing and exe­cut­ing world-class test­ing and opti­miza­tion pro­grams.

Week Three: The hol­i­day sea­son is a great time to edu­cate and help con­sumers dis­cover gift giv­ing ideas. Con­sider shoot­ing indi­vid­ual video clips high­light­ing a sin­gle gift; then, use cam­paign tar­get­ing rules to dynam­i­cally com­bine these indi­vid­ual video clips into one over­all video that serves as a hol­i­day gift guide – cus­tomized to each site vis­i­tor. For exam­ple, a vis­i­tor iden­ti­fied as a young mom could be served a video con­sist­ing of video clips for sev­eral tod­dler toys and a shaver for her hus­band. Break­ing down video into smaller clips makes it pos­si­ble to lever­age and re-use con­tent for cam­paign opti­miza­tion. And best of all – these video gift giv­ing guides can be used across mul­ti­ple chan­nels includ­ing email cam­paigns, land­ing pages, on a web­site, social media cam­paigns, and even print cam­paigns with QR codes that direct con­sumers to the online video.

Cyn­thia Tillo is the senior prod­uct man­ager for Adobe Scene7, part of the Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Suite. Her exper­tise in video, mobile and rich media view­ers has helped hun­dreds of clients opti­mize dynamic con­tent pub­lish­ing across all their dig­i­tal chan­nels to improve the end cus­tomer expe­ri­ence.

Week Four: As you strate­gize the switch from sum­mer sav­ings to gift-giving glee, help drive con­ver­sions by incor­po­rat­ing rich expe­ri­ences in your Hol­i­day sea­son plan­ning. Here are a few tips to get you started. Opti­mize the first page expe­ri­ence with engag­ing, rel­e­vant con­tent and incen­tives to con­vert your vis­i­tors into new or repeat buy­ers. From ani­mated ban­ners to inter­ac­tive rec­om­men­da­tions to video, engage your audi­ence with a cus­tomized, dynamic ini­tial expe­ri­ence based on data avail­able from each vis­i­tor. Per­son­al­iz­ing land­ing pages with rel­e­vant con­tent such as infor­ma­tion related to geog­ra­phy (like expe­dited ship­ping pro­mo­tions) can also deliver strong ROI.

Addi­tion­ally, remem­ber to design with mobile in mind and cre­ate mobile inter­ac­tions with rich prod­uct visu­al­iza­tion that are opti­mized for device type includ­ing, embed­ded, large-viewer or full-screen inter­ac­tive zoom and pan, 360-degree spin, and enhanced video func­tion­al­i­ties. Sup­port touch and multi-gesture dis­play con­trols, and des­ig­nate inter­ac­tions and nav­i­ga­tions with large but­tons.

Natalie Lacuesta Byrum is prod­uct mar­ket­ing man­ager for Scene7 dynamic media solu­tions at Adobe and helps cus­tomers dynam­i­cally deliver rich, per­son­al­ized expe­ri­ences across channels.


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