At last year’s Adobe Summit, the notion of the last millisecond was one of the buzziest, most exciting, and most innovative concepts addressed. With the proliferation of personalization, optimization, and, very simply, tons of options from which one can choose, consumers now demand almost instantaneous recognition, relevance, and deep, deep alignment from every one of their interactive experiences. They want what they want when they want it—which, of course, is right now.

In his 2013 Summit keynote, Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager of the Adobe Digital Marketing Business, concluded that these massive changes in consumer expectations are “the new normal,” adding that it’s the “interchange between action and experience” that  creates this last consumer millisecond within every interactive exchange. Expectations—demands, more often—can change as visitors move through your site, sometimes twisting and turning in ways the marketer couldn’t anticipate. And those unexpected movements are just as relevant to further engagement, conversion, and sales as the ones we can account for going in.

With that in mind, then, it’s no surprise that brands and marketers are employing large-scale personalization tactics, techniques, and technologies to stay up-to-the-second with their consumers. By combining data-driven optimization with automated behavioral targeting and recommendations, real-time personalization becomes highly achievable, delivering the types of relevancy and positive brand experiences users not only expect but, today, require—and the last millisecond can be leveraged time after time.

At Adobe Summit in late March, we’re dedicating an entire break-out session to this very topic, entitled “Math Models Matter in Last Millisecond Targeting.” This session will present a number of comprehensive techniques and tactics marketers can implement to stay ahead of the consumer—even when the consumer is making unexpected decisions, actions, and purchases. It’s all about achieving those sky-high results without a squad of mathematicians and statisticians accounting for every up and down, but, instead, tapping into innovative, automated methods such as Adobe Target to deliver the right experience to your audience every single time, and making that last millisecond count. What’s more, this session will demystify those data models and advanced algorithms behind popular tools—you might use them, but it’s also important to understand how and why they work the way they do.

But don’t worry, no pop quiz after.

Integrating those automated personalization tools starts by aligning and interpreting a host of scattered data points and consumer behaviors, which may exist across numerous platforms and touch points. It’s probably no surprise that this has to happen dynamically. Once organized and identifiable, the consumer profiles, needs, and wants can emerge, steering that data-driven personalization and optimization to ensure a fully immersive, fully relevant experience for each consumer. To take things a step further, those experiences need to be delivered across every device, platform, and channel imaginable, from more traditional websites and email outreach to social media, mobile, tablet, and more—with data continuously coming back from those multiplatform experiences. Data that needs to be taken in. And analyzed. And accounted for in the personalization tactics. In real-time.

See why you’ve got to stay a step ahead of the consumer?

Adobe Target taps into those advanced mathematical modeling techniques to automatically determine—and deliver—the optimal content and user experience for each individual consumer. That means articles, products, information, and anything else consumers could possibly need, want, or, in some cases, not even know they want from your site. Adobe Target takes it a step further, though, with a variety of benchmarking tools to help marketers determine how well various algorithms are performing across their sites and platforms, painting a picture of what works and what doesn’t in various situations. It’s automation fine-tuned, with flexible algorithms that can instantly increase a brand’s targeting efforts. Your calculator simply can’t keep up.

It’s math-meets-marketing, and the benefits are jaw-dropping. This session will also provide an exclusive sneak peek at what’s next in Adobe Target technology. You definitely don’t want to miss this. We’ll recap the latest and greatest following Summit for those of you who can’t attend. But, for those of you who can, bring your real-world challenges, experiences, and needs. We definitely want to hear them. And get ready to be blown away with what’s next in data-driven personalization.

Your customers will thank you.