At last year’s Adobe Sum­mit, the notion of the last mil­lisec­ond was one of the buzzi­est, most excit­ing, and most inno­v­a­tive con­cepts addressed. With the pro­lif­er­a­tion of per­son­al­iza­tion, opti­miza­tion, and, very sim­ply, tons of options from which one can choose, con­sumers now demand almost instan­ta­neous recog­ni­tion, rel­e­vance, and deep, deep align­ment from every one of their inter­ac­tive expe­ri­ences. They want what they want when they want it—which, of course, is right now.

In his 2013 Sum­mit keynote, Brad Rencher, senior vice pres­i­dent and gen­eral man­ager of the Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Busi­ness, con­cluded that these mas­sive changes in con­sumer expec­ta­tions are “the new nor­mal,” adding that it’s the “inter­change between action and expe­ri­ence” that  cre­ates this last con­sumer mil­lisec­ond within every inter­ac­tive exchange. Expectations—demands, more often—can change as vis­i­tors move through your site, some­times twist­ing and turn­ing in ways the mar­keter couldn’t antic­i­pate. And those unex­pected move­ments are just as rel­e­vant to fur­ther engage­ment, con­ver­sion, and sales as the ones we can account for going in.

With that in mind, then, it’s no sur­prise that brands and mar­keters are employ­ing large-scale per­son­al­iza­tion tac­tics, tech­niques, and tech­nolo­gies to stay up-to-the-second with their con­sumers. By com­bin­ing data-driven opti­miza­tion with auto­mated behav­ioral tar­get­ing and rec­om­men­da­tions, real-time per­son­al­iza­tion becomes highly achiev­able, deliv­er­ing the types of rel­e­vancy and pos­i­tive brand expe­ri­ences users not only expect but, today, require—and the last mil­lisec­ond can be lever­aged time after time.

At Adobe Sum­mit in late March, we’re ded­i­cat­ing an entire break-out ses­sion to this very topic, enti­tled “Math Mod­els Mat­ter in Last Mil­lisec­ond Tar­get­ing.” This ses­sion will present a num­ber of com­pre­hen­sive tech­niques and tac­tics mar­keters can imple­ment to stay ahead of the consumer—even when the con­sumer is mak­ing unex­pected deci­sions, actions, and pur­chases. It’s all about achiev­ing those sky-high results with­out a squad of math­e­mati­cians and sta­tis­ti­cians account­ing for every up and down, but, instead, tap­ping into inno­v­a­tive, auto­mated meth­ods such as Adobe Tar­get to deliver the right expe­ri­ence to your audi­ence every sin­gle time, and mak­ing that last mil­lisec­ond count. What’s more, this ses­sion will demys­tify those data mod­els and advanced algo­rithms behind pop­u­lar tools—you might use them, but it’s also impor­tant to under­stand how and why they work the way they do.

But don’t worry, no pop quiz after.

Inte­grat­ing those auto­mated per­son­al­iza­tion tools starts by align­ing and inter­pret­ing a host of scat­tered data points and con­sumer behav­iors, which may exist across numer­ous plat­forms and touch points. It’s prob­a­bly no sur­prise that this has to hap­pen dynam­i­cally. Once orga­nized and iden­ti­fi­able, the con­sumer pro­files, needs, and wants can emerge, steer­ing that data-driven per­son­al­iza­tion and opti­miza­tion to ensure a fully immer­sive, fully rel­e­vant expe­ri­ence for each con­sumer. To take things a step fur­ther, those expe­ri­ences need to be deliv­ered across every device, plat­form, and chan­nel imag­in­able, from more tra­di­tional web­sites and email out­reach to social media, mobile, tablet, and more—with data con­tin­u­ously com­ing back from those mul­ti­plat­form expe­ri­ences. Data that needs to be taken in. And ana­lyzed. And accounted for in the per­son­al­iza­tion tac­tics. In real-time.

See why you’ve got to stay a step ahead of the consumer?

Adobe Tar­get taps into those advanced math­e­mat­i­cal mod­el­ing tech­niques to auto­mat­i­cally determine—and deliver—the opti­mal con­tent and user expe­ri­ence for each indi­vid­ual con­sumer. That means arti­cles, prod­ucts, infor­ma­tion, and any­thing else con­sumers could pos­si­bly need, want, or, in some cases, not even know they want from your site. Adobe Tar­get takes it a step fur­ther, though, with a vari­ety of bench­mark­ing tools to help mar­keters deter­mine how well var­i­ous algo­rithms are per­form­ing across their sites and plat­forms, paint­ing a pic­ture of what works and what doesn’t in var­i­ous sit­u­a­tions. It’s automa­tion fine-tuned, with flex­i­ble algo­rithms that can instantly increase a brand’s tar­get­ing efforts. Your cal­cu­la­tor sim­ply can’t keep up.

It’s math-meets-marketing, and the ben­e­fits are jaw-dropping. This ses­sion will also pro­vide an exclu­sive sneak peek at what’s next in Adobe Tar­get tech­nol­ogy. You def­i­nitely don’t want to miss this. We’ll recap the lat­est and great­est fol­low­ing Sum­mit for those of you who can’t attend. But, for those of you who can, bring your real-world chal­lenges, expe­ri­ences, and needs. We def­i­nitely want to hear them. And get ready to be blown away with what’s next in data-driven personalization.

Your cus­tomers will thank you.