Next month, Omniture will be a platinum sponsor of Econsultancy’s Peer Summit in New York City on October 8th. (The event is invitation only, but free to qualified attendees, so don’t forget to request attendance if you’ll be in the area.)

The event is designed to get senior marketers together at topic-specific roundtables to share effective strategies for online marketing. My colleague from Omniture Digital, Michael Krypel, will have a seat at the “Ecommerce and Conversion Optimization” Roundtable, which will be hosted by Bryan Eisenberg.

I’ll be on-site with clients during the summit, so unfortunately I can’t attend. But if did I have a seat at the “Ecommerce and Conversion Optimization” Roundtable, here are a few of the questions I’d want to ask my peers:

How are you using display ad retargeting to increase onsite conversion?

The display ad market is garnering more attention after several years of declining interest. This is due in large part to advances in ad retargeting, which can customize display ads based on on-site behavior (e.g., search terms, cart abandonment, etc.). I’d find out who at the table is using this strategy effectively and then listen to them carefully about their success story.

How are you customizing the on-site experience for your customers?

After years of fits and starts, marketers finally have great tools available (like Omniture Test&Target) to easily change site content on referring search keyword, clicks from email or display ads, and past site behavior. I’ve seen many of my own clients use this strategy effectively, but I’m always looking for new ideas I haven’t tried yet.

How are you using social media to drive conversions?

Facebook and Twitter buttons are ubiquitous on e-commerce sites these days, but I want to hear how other marketers are using these social networking sites to generate real, measurable business on their site.

What’s your mobile strategy?

I know, I know… we’ve all been asking this question for years, but now with the iPhone mobile has finally come into its own. In fact, I’d go so far to say that if you don’t have a mobile strategy, then you really don’t have a strategy at all. I would want to hear if anyone at the table disagrees with me, and more importantly, what they are doing about it.

Which vendors and partners are creating value for you on your site?

Of course I pride myself on the fact that Omniture provides tons of values for our clients, but I know we’re not the only ones doing so. With all the choices that marketers have today, I’d want to find out who else they are using to drive measurable value. That way I can study what they’re doing as well as spread the word to my clients.