Next month, Omni­ture will be a plat­inum spon­sor of Econsultancy’s Peer Sum­mit in New York City on Octo­ber 8th. (The event is invi­ta­tion only, but free to qual­i­fied atten­dees, so don’t for­get to request atten­dance if you’ll be in the area.)

The event is designed to get senior mar­keters together at topic-specific round­ta­bles to share effec­tive strate­gies for online mar­ket­ing. My col­league from Omni­ture Dig­i­tal, Michael Krypel, will have a seat at the “Ecom­merce and Con­ver­sion Opti­miza­tion” Round­table, which will be hosted by Bryan Eisen­berg.

I’ll be on-site with clients dur­ing the sum­mit, so unfor­tu­nately I can’t attend. But if did I have a seat at the “Ecom­merce and Con­ver­sion Opti­miza­tion” Round­table, here are a few of the ques­tions I’d want to ask my peers:

How are you using dis­play ad retar­get­ing to increase onsite conversion?

The dis­play ad mar­ket is gar­ner­ing more atten­tion after sev­eral years of declin­ing inter­est. This is due in large part to advances in ad retar­get­ing, which can cus­tomize dis­play ads based on on-site behav­ior (e.g., search terms, cart aban­don­ment, etc.). I’d find out who at the table is using this strat­egy effec­tively and then lis­ten to them care­fully about their suc­cess story.

How are you cus­tomiz­ing the on-site expe­ri­ence for your customers?

After years of fits and starts, mar­keters finally have great tools avail­able (like Omni­ture Test&Target) to eas­ily change site con­tent on refer­ring search key­word, clicks from email or dis­play ads, and past site behav­ior. I’ve seen many of my own clients use this strat­egy effec­tively, but I’m always look­ing for new ideas I haven’t tried yet.

How are you using social media to drive conversions?

Face­book and Twit­ter but­tons are ubiq­ui­tous on e-commerce sites these days, but I want to hear how other mar­keters are using these social net­work­ing sites to gen­er­ate real, mea­sur­able busi­ness on their site.

What’s your mobile strategy?

I know, I know… we’ve all been ask­ing this ques­tion for years, but now with the iPhone mobile has finally come into its own. In fact, I’d go so far to say that if you don’t have a mobile strat­egy, then you really don’t have a strat­egy at all. I would want to hear if any­one at the table dis­agrees with me, and more impor­tantly, what they are doing about it.

Which ven­dors and part­ners are cre­at­ing value for you on your site?

Of course I pride myself on the fact that Omni­ture pro­vides tons of val­ues for our clients, but I know we’re not the only ones doing so. With all the choices that mar­keters have today, I’d want to find out who else they are using to drive mea­sur­able value. That way I can study what they’re doing as well as spread the word to my clients.