With baby boomers in the United States reaching retirement age, healthcare facilities need to stay competitive by delivering unmatched services and hiring top professionals. This also means potential big business for healthcare staffing agency CHG Healthcare Services. With a goal of finding top recruits, the agency turned to Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to optimize its online presence and increase site traffic to boost conversions.

“Adobe Digital Marketing Suite offered solutions that helped us look closely at our online interactions, create quality experiences, and drive conversion,” says Kyle Power, director of online marketing at CHG.

Using Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, CHG tested changes to optimize the performance and conversion rates on webpages. By optimizing the way a button was presented, for example, CHA achieved a 13% boost in visitors completing a registration form. By offering more focused landing pages depending on how the visitor navigates through the website, CHG increased conversion rates 55% to 137% across CHG brand pages.

“Integration within Adobe Digital Marketing Suite allowed us to quickly target the most statistically significant opportunities, launch strategic tests, and deliver actionable insights to stakeholders to build momentum for creating a data-driven culture within our organization,” says Power.

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