With customers wanting to get the most from their service bundles, AOL aims to deliver by making customers aware of every benefit available. AOL has turned to Adobe Marketing Cloud to make that goal achievable. Also understanding that subscribers are 50% more likely to remain if they use one service and 80% more likely to remain if they use two, the retention services marketing team saw added opportunity to drive customer loyalty.

It began using the Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics solutions in Adobe Marketing Cloud to find the best ways to promote AOL’s value-added services—including tech support, virus protection, and online data backup. With support from marketing agency Brooks Bell, AOL conducts A/B and multivariate testing using Adobe solutions to optimize customer experiences, increase engagement, and boost conversion. Testing showed that a progress bar, which indicates how many available options the user has activated, helped raise benefit awareness and increase benefit adoption by about 20%.

“As soon as we demonstrated how many products customers were eligible for but hadn’t adopted, many customers decided to activate them,” says Jennifer Towns, director of retention marketing, Paid Services Group, AOL. “Increasing this awareness has been critical to retaining customers.”

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