With cus­tomers want­ing to get the most from their ser­vice bun­dles, AOL aims to deliver by mak­ing cus­tomers aware of every ben­e­fit avail­able. AOL has turned to Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud to make that goal achiev­able. Also under­stand­ing that sub­scribers are 50% more likely to remain if they use one ser­vice and 80% more likely to remain if they use two, the reten­tion ser­vices mar­ket­ing team saw added oppor­tu­nity to drive cus­tomer loyalty.

It began using the Adobe Tar­get and Adobe Ana­lyt­ics solu­tions in Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud to find the best ways to pro­mote AOL’s value-added services—including tech sup­port, virus pro­tec­tion, and online data backup. With sup­port from mar­ket­ing agency Brooks Bell, AOL con­ducts A/B and mul­ti­vari­ate test­ing using Adobe solu­tions to opti­mize cus­tomer expe­ri­ences, increase engage­ment, and boost con­ver­sion. Test­ing showed that a progress bar, which indi­cates how many avail­able options the user has acti­vated, helped raise ben­e­fit aware­ness and increase ben­e­fit adop­tion by about 20%.

As soon as we demon­strated how many prod­ucts cus­tomers were eli­gi­ble for but hadn’t adopted, many cus­tomers decided to acti­vate them,” says Jen­nifer Towns, direc­tor of reten­tion mar­ket­ing, Paid Ser­vices Group, AOL. “Increas­ing this aware­ness has been crit­i­cal to retain­ing customers.”

Click to learn more about AOL’s data-driven suc­cess using Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud. (http://​adobe​.ly/​1​6​d​t​O0G)