It’s relatively easy to get consumers excited about the latest electronic gadget or latest model car, but how do you get customers engaged in insurance? For RSA Insurance Group, one important answer is providing superior, more personalized digital experiences. With the help of Adobe Marketing Cloud, including Adobe Analytics and Target solutions, RSA is customizing offers to help online customers find exactly what they want.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud guides improvements in our digital strategies,” says Daniel Huddart, head of analytics at RSA Insurance Group. “By using detailed analytics and continually testing our ideas, we can create more personal web experiences that improve our customer service.”

For example, using demographic data analysis, RSA discovered that different demographics prefer different types of optional insurance add-ons. By personalizing the add-ons depending on the customer, RSA increased conversion by 2% and boosted profits by almost a pound per sale. Similarly, offering different homepage content for new versus existing customers lifted the login rate 6%.

To learn more about how RSA is using Adobe Marketing Cloud to personalize the web experience, check out the full story here.