Over the past year, I’ve been pleased to see that our customers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated with their online personalization strategies. Whenever I meet with leading retailers, banks and media companies, I am blown away by how they are leveraging their analytics data to segment their visitors in order to deliver the most relevant and targeted experience possible. However, with this increasing sophistication come increasing requirements. Marketers are finding more opportunities to deliver dynamic content to visitors, but don’t want it to come at the expense of performance. With a deeper understanding of their audiences and the desire to deliver more targeted experiences, marketers are requiring more control and customization over their personalization strategies. They are also demanding more insight into how these personalization campaigns are performing.

That’s why we continue to be extremely invested in helping our customers further their targeting strategies. We’re innovating our technology to help them achieve more finely-tuned and data-driven personalization campaigns. We’ve made several enhancements to Adobe Target, a solution within Adobe Marketing Cloud, which combines testing and targeting functionality, content promotion and product merchandising and onsite recommendations all into one. Adobe Target offers marketers more control and flexibility when optimizing every visitor interaction to engage and convert visitors and build long-term loyalty. And, we’ve made it easier for our customers to take advantage of the capabilities of the solution with a single blended server call rate in order to streamline pricing.

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Some of the most recent enhancements to Adobe Target designed to help our customers better tailor their online personalization efforts include:

  • In a few months, marketers will be able to share the same visitor segments between our Adobe Analytics solution and Adobe Target for the first time, enabling them to leverage the rich audience analytics data they have built up for increased accuracy and relevance when targeting and personalizing content
  • Adobe Target now integrates with Adobe Experience Manager, allowing marketers and content managers to work together more seamlessly to deliver targeted content campaigns during the website development process
  • Rolling out over the next few months, we will be making it possible to extend the visitor profile/cookie from 14 days to as much as 90 days – this enables marketers across all verticals to make personalization more customizable based on their business needs
shared segments

Shared segments between Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target

Marketers are delivering personalized website experiences filled with more dynamic and rich content than ever before, which can increase the demands placed on web servers and content delivery infrastructure. As a result, we’re continuing to improve on our already industry-leading page response times to ensure that marketers can deliver this highly personalized and dynamic content to visitors on-demand without sacrificing website performance. To do this, we’ve enabled:

  • The ability to integrate third-party data sets in bulk into Adobe Target. These updates now bypass individual server calls, making it easier to bring more disparate data sources into a marketing campaign mix all at once to deliver more targeted experiences

We also see that marketers are demanding more automation and the ability to fine-tune their segmentation and targeting efforts. To that end, we’re offering more advanced behavioral targeting automation with more flexible algorithms to help marketers exponentially increase their targeting efforts. Specifically:

  • Adobe Target utilizes advanced mathematical modeling techniques to automatically determine the best content and product recommendations to serve to each visitor. There are dozens of different algorithms marketers can use that determine how content is targeted. Later this month we’re introducing new visualization capabilities for automated behavioral targeting algorithms that show marketers how well these are performing across different areas of their websites. This helps them to understand which ones are working best for their customers in different situations.
  • The Adobe Target engineering team has teamed up with the Imagination Lab in the Adobe Research group. Together we are inventing and implementing new methods to understand users and optimize their experiences.  We’re actively testing and optimizing new automated behavioral targeting algorithms within Adobe Target to solve for different targeting challenges based on industry or business needs. For example, we’re testing the effectiveness of targeting visitors based on their entire behavioral profile or lifetime value, vs. just current, in-session behavior.

By recently doubling our dedicated engineering staff, the Adobe Target team is intensely focused on continuing to evolve Adobe Target over the next few months. We are re-engineering Adobe Target from the ground up to create a brand new personalization and optimization product that is extremely intuitive and easy to use, visually functional, takes users through a proactive optimization flow and is expressly designed to drive higher business results. With a strong focus on behavioral targeting algorithm and marketer workflow enhancements, our goal is to provide marketers with a real-time decision engine for targeted campaigns.

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We’ll share some sneak peaks of the completely redesigned Adobe Target in action at the Adobe Summit next week and we hope you can join us. While there, make sure to check out the many sessions in our Targeting and Optimization track designed to help our customers gain that competitive edge.