With the speed of today’s com­merce, com­pe­ti­tion, and con­tent in the dig­i­tal space, mar­keters are often bogged down by dis­parate opti­miza­tion tools, work­flows, and siloed data. It becomes impos­si­ble to get a gran­u­lar view of per­for­mance at an audience-segment level—much less an individual-level—when there are vari­ances between the data sets, and a per­sis­tent pro­file seems nearly impos­si­ble to achieve.

Today’s mar­keters need a com­pre­hen­sive opti­miza­tion toolset that is easy to use and allows them to mature and scale to match the increas­ing sophis­ti­ca­tion of their pro­grams over time. The right toolset lets them grow from inci­den­tal test­ing to a level of opti­miza­tion that is embed­ded through­out the com­pany and dri­ves high-performing busi­nesses strate­gies across chan­nels. This requires the abil­ity to eas­ily aggre­gate pro­file data and to test and per­son­al­ize con­tent based on these pro­files in real time. It also requires the power of automa­tion to help ana­lyze and deter­mine audi­ence and indi­vid­ual pref­er­ences when there are mul­ti­ple unknowns and large data sets are in play.

With the announce­ment of Tar­get Pre­mium, Adobe has vastly expanded the tools avail­able for busi­nesses to con­trol their mar­ket­ing con­tent in real time and to effec­tively react to con­sumers’ ever-changing demands. Tar­get Pre­mium com­bines basic and advanced test­ing in a sin­gle pack­age. It con­tains rules-based tar­get­ing and auto­mated approaches in an intu­itive, scal­able inter­face that makes it eas­ier for prac­ti­tion­ers of all skill lev­els to exe­cute auto­mated tar­get­ing and personalization.

These expanded automa­tion capa­bil­i­ties also put per­for­mance track­ing and test­ing of auto­mated approaches at your fin­ger­tips. This allows for greater con­fi­dence in the areas where opti­miza­tion of expe­ri­ences and per­son­al­iza­tion strate­gies are unclear, and frees the mar­keter to focus on areas war­rant­ing a more man­ual, rules-based tar­get­ing approach.

His­tor­i­cally, auto­mated tar­get­ing and per­son­al­iza­tion has oper­ated like a black box, where para­me­ters are dropped in one end and money is sup­posed to come out the other. With Tar­get Pre­mium, Adobe pro­vides a trans­par­ent and easy-to-follow approach to design­ing, run­ning, and track­ing the per­for­mance of automa­tion. It incor­po­rates best prac­tices that are based on years of indus­try expe­ri­ence to improve the qual­ity of your auto­mated tests and tar­get­ing.  We also real­ize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to automa­tion, and we’re pro­vid­ing an expanded selec­tion and more exten­sive test­ing of algo­rithms to refine and build con­fi­dence in auto­mated test meth­ods across dig­i­tal channels.

In a sense, Tar­get Pre­mium focuses on our cus­tomer: the dig­i­tal mar­keter. What we’ve done is looked at Adobe Tar­get past and present and re-imagined the con­trols in a way that fos­ters effi­cient expan­sion, scal­a­bil­ity, and mat­u­ra­tion of your opti­miza­tion pro­gram. We’ve taken the time to lis­ten to our cus­tomers and do our best to remove any obsta­cles that have impeded progress in their opti­miza­tion efforts. This includes a more syn­chro­nized view of data across solu­tions in Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud, mak­ing a sin­gu­lar pro­file view much eas­ier than ever before. It also means auto­mated per­son­al­iza­tion and tar­get­ing that is easy to imple­ment, under­stand, man­age, and use across all of your cus­tomer experiences.

Adobe Tar­get Pre­mium also con­tains a com­pre­hen­sive set of capa­bil­i­ties for incor­po­rat­ing third-party data into your opti­miza­tion activ­i­ties, as well as enhance­ments in access­ing opti­miza­tion within mobile and content-management solu­tions. It has a mobile-friendly inter­face, so users can access all of their mar­ket­ing con­tent from the office and the road, and can design and test con­tent on a lim­it­less basis. This means eas­ier access, more test­ing, and increased ROI.

For the busi­ness that is just get­ting started on its opti­miza­tion efforts, or for those who want to bring their cur­rent pro­gram to the next level, the expanded capa­bil­i­ties and best prac­tices con­tained within the new Adobe Tar­get are designed to deliver. See how we can unlock your program’s poten­tial, or begin with our self-assessment Opti­miza­tion Matu­rity Model tool to see how expand­ing your capa­bil­i­ties and pro­gram with Adobe Tar­get can allow you to scale and mature with your grow­ing busi­ness and cus­tomer needs.