With the speed of today’s commerce, competition, and content in the digital space, marketers are often bogged down by disparate optimization tools, workflows, and siloed data. It becomes impossible to get a granular view of performance at an audience-segment level—much less an individual-level—when there are variances between the data sets, and a persistent profile seems nearly impossible to achieve.

Today’s marketers need a comprehensive optimization toolset that is easy to use and allows them to mature and scale to match the increasing sophistication of their programs over time. The right toolset lets them grow from incidental testing to a level of optimization that is embedded throughout the company and drives high-performing businesses strategies across channels. This requires the ability to easily aggregate profile data and to test and personalize content based on these profiles in real time. It also requires the power of automation to help analyze and determine audience and individual preferences when there are multiple unknowns and large data sets are in play.

With the announcement of Target Premium, Adobe has vastly expanded the tools available for businesses to control their marketing content in real time and to effectively react to consumers’ ever-changing demands. Target Premium combines basic and advanced testing in a single package. It contains rules-based targeting and automated approaches in an intuitive, scalable interface that makes it easier for practitioners of all skill levels to execute automated targeting and personalization.

These expanded automation capabilities also put performance tracking and testing of automated approaches at your fingertips. This allows for greater confidence in the areas where optimization of experiences and personalization strategies are unclear, and frees the marketer to focus on areas warranting a more manual, rules-based targeting approach.

Historically, automated targeting and personalization has operated like a black box, where parameters are dropped in one end and money is supposed to come out the other. With Target Premium, Adobe provides a transparent and easy-to-follow approach to designing, running, and tracking the performance of automation. It incorporates best practices that are based on years of industry experience to improve the quality of your automated tests and targeting.  We also realize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to automation, and we’re providing an expanded selection and more extensive testing of algorithms to refine and build confidence in automated test methods across digital channels.

In a sense, Target Premium focuses on our customer: the digital marketer. What we’ve done is looked at Adobe Target past and present and re-imagined the controls in a way that fosters efficient expansion, scalability, and maturation of your optimization program. We’ve taken the time to listen to our customers and do our best to remove any obstacles that have impeded progress in their optimization efforts. This includes a more synchronized view of data across solutions in Adobe Marketing Cloud, making a singular profile view much easier than ever before. It also means automated personalization and targeting that is easy to implement, understand, manage, and use across all of your customer experiences.

Adobe Target Premium also contains a comprehensive set of capabilities for incorporating third-party data into your optimization activities, as well as enhancements in accessing optimization within mobile and content-management solutions. It has a mobile-friendly interface, so users can access all of their marketing content from the office and the road, and can design and test content on a limitless basis. This means easier access, more testing, and increased ROI.

For the business that is just getting started on its optimization efforts, or for those who want to bring their current program to the next level, the expanded capabilities and best practices contained within the new Adobe Target are designed to deliver. See how we can unlock your program’s potential, or begin with our self-assessment Optimization Maturity Model tool to see how expanding your capabilities and program with Adobe Target can allow you to scale and mature with your growing business and customer needs.