The Forrester Wave Report for Online Testing is one of the major evaluations of the testing and optimization space every other year, and it is an excellent platform for showcasing the latest in approach, strategy and technology in the area of digital content and experience testing.  The Wave Report is a rare occurrence where online testing products in the market are evaluated by the experts in the industry at Forrester on 53 levels of criteria.  It’s a rigorous evaluation process, including written responses, product demonstrations, executive presentations and customer interviews.

It’s an honor to be named a leader again in the latest Wave report, especially to be called out for top scores in a/b testing, campaign management, reporting and analysis, integration, service and support, and corporate strategy.

Receiving the highest overall rating in the “Current Offering” category is a validation of the aggressive strides in development we’ve made since the last Wave Report in 2010, including even more customizable out-of-the-box tools, reporting enhancements, and workflow and organizational features for greater efficiency, insight and team collaboration within the tool.  It is pleasing to see that the sophistication in our tests and results, the depth of segmentation and reporting, the flexibility of implementation and customization, the ease of use & native integrations, and the industry leading services and support (including best practices across verticals) are still highly valued by the analyst community.

I personally love that the report was released at the beginning of 2013, because it’s a wonderful way to kick off, and fuel the momentum for, what will be a ground-breaking year for Adobe Test&Target and the Adobe Target solution.  We’re including some major enhancements that will create even more efficiencies for non-technical marketers into the implementation, creative and deployment of the test set-up process, as well as improved synchronicity and integrations with all data and content sources accessible across the Adobe Marketing Cloud.  Largely siloed digital marketing activities in the past, including analytics, optimization and personalization, social, ad monetization, and experience management will now have integrated workflows and greater communication and collaborative capabilities.  And, again personally, it’s exciting for me as a marketer to be talking about enhancements that are rolling out this year that will capture many of the trends outlined within the Wave Report.

Beyond the Wave product ratings, the Wave report is also a very valuable resource for the growing trends in the optimization space.  Trends such as multichannel testing, advanced testing scenarios (multi-page, cross-domain testing), and visitor profiling are all areas that our adaptive deployment and open software can capitalize on, and areas in which we’ll continue to innovate in this year.  Two major areas of focus for us in 2013 are the 2 additional trending areas discussed, specifically” Distributed Access” (making the tools easier to use for non-technical marketers) and “Smarter Optimization” (larger breadth and customization in automation and modeling system optimization.)  Test&Target, the foundation of our Target Solution, will not only get a makeover this year, delivering an even more accessible and linear workflow for all optimization team members, but will also be loaded with a plethora of new out-of-the-box goodies in terms of ease of sophisticated targeting and customizing automated processes in more areas than ever before.

This is an additional area that is so exciting about the recent release of the Forrester Wave Report for Online Testing Q1 2013.  This time the analysts have included more criteria and evaluation around segmentation, targeting and personalization, elevating the conversation beyond just testing.  This is a prime area of focus for us at Adobe, and one of the main motivations for naming our solution “Adobe Target”.  While testing different version of your content and digital experiences is fundamental, a necessary next step is filtering your results by customer segments, identifying the distinct preferences of key granular groups within your visitor population, and targeting these experiences at that level in order to fine-tune your optimization and personalization strategies, while also maximizing your conversion and revenue goals.  Let no visitor be overlooked!  And we’re so pleased that Forrester has broadened the scope of the Online Testing report to touch on this essential next step in the customer engagement process, which is delivering the right content to the right person at the right time, once these experiences have been efficiently determined by your iterative testing process in real-time.

Looking forward to an exciting and momentous year, with new innovations and enhancements around every turn!