It’s a common perception that business slows down in the summer months, which many take as a cue to slow down their sales and marketing efforts. But although there may be less urgency and structure, people actually don’t work any less in the summer than during the rest of the year. Statistics show that February actually has the shortest average work week in the United States, but the range throughout the year is narrow at 34.3 to 34.5 hours per week. Whether they’re poolside or desk-bound, customers are still buying.

Use the “summer slump” to refresh for fall

According to our Digital Roadblock Survey released in March, 64 percent of marketers expect their role to change in the next year, and 81 percent expect change in the next three years. Most marketers know they need to reinvent themselves in some capacity, but they aren’t sure how to go about doing it.

Whether this reinvention means adopting new technologies, refreshing a brand, or hiring new talent, the challenge is fitting it into your schedule. Late summer is an ideal time to breathe new life into your business.

Be lazy . . . in a good way

If you’re not already using automated personalization tools, now is the perfect time to implement them. Let the tools do the heavy lifting when it comes to recommending cross-sells, targeting specific audiences, and offering relevant promotions. Adobe Target Premium’s built-in algorithms make smart decisions based on real-time customer behaviors, so you can spend more time redefining your product, service, and brand—and less time on manual processes.

Build on A/B testing with multivariate testing

A/B tests are useful when it comes to identifying the winning landing page, email, or offer—but multivariate tests take it a step further. With tools like Target, you can easily run multivariate tests to identify the right combination of page elements and deliver them to the right audience, at precisely the right time. Run factorial testing, filter results by segment, automatically generate templates, and more.

Nurture your current customer base

Use slower times in your summer schedule to show current customers some TLC. Target high-value buyers or subscribers with a special end-of-season offer. Use the opportunity to finally launch that new loyalty program. Or, if your program is already up and running, plan a campaign that targets members with a special incentive.

Put your mind on mobile

According to results of the Adobe 2014 Mobile Consumer Survey, all mobile consumers are not created equal. There are many different segments among them, including the “mobile elite.” Have you taken a close look at your mobile traffic and mobile campaigns lately?

Summer is a great time to shift your focus away from Web properties and onto your mobile strategy. Use your analytics tool to gauge the performance of your mobile app, as well as the effectiveness of mobile display ads, mobile search ads, and SMS campaigns. Adobe Marketing Cloud, for example, offers mobile services for app optimization and monetization.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can incorporate geofencing to target users by GPS location or points of interest. Using tools like Adobe Mobile Services 2.0, you can measure and respond to mobile users in and around iBeacon areas. Don’t have an app yet? Use the looser structure of summer to start planning.

Don’t spend the dog days of summer chasing the tail of last season’s campaigns. Use these slower-paced days to revitalize your branding and marketing strategies, and fall into a profitable autumn.