This morning, Omniture announced new solutions in Display Advertising to help advertisers increase their return on ad spend. The press release may be found here: Omniture Announces Display Advertising Solutions for Increased Return on Ad Spend

Today, I’d like to add color to a particularly exciting part of the release titled “Dynamic Ad Targeting & Optimization Using Omniture Test&Target“. This capability marks significant progress towards our ability to increase ad relevancy by providing a capability that matches a visitor that belongs to an advertiser segment (identified using Site Catalyst, Discover or Test&Target) with a dynamic ad (via Test&Target). The ad is dynamically assembled and may contain messaging relevant to the segment.

During the limited release phase for the solution, we have seen a significant increase in ad click through rates (CTR). Given that ad impressions may only be shown to visitors that fall in segments that have proven ROI for return conversions, advertisers reduce impression waste and increase conversion rates, increasing their return on ad spend. This is extremely exciting.

As the Product Manager for the solution, I wanted to outline two major capabilities as we push to bring this solution into the hands of some of the largest advertisers in the world.

Display Testing for Acqusition Campaigns: For Advertisers that are interested in optimizing their acquisition campaigns, Test&Target provides AB and Multivariate testing for elements within the ad. Agencies can purchase media through their current processes. Ad creative would be produced using a Test&Target ad template and would be trafficked across the media plan. Typically, the ad would be served by the agency ad server.

Display Targeting for Remarketing Campaigns: For Advertisers that are interested in optimizing their remarketing campaigns, Test&Target provides the capability to target visitor segments to ads. The creative may be generated dynamically for the relevant segment. For example if you had a visitor segment that was in market for travel between any origin and destination city, they could be shown a dynamic ad containing the origin and destination city. As prior, the ad creative would be produced using a Test&Target ad template and would be trafficked across the media plan and the ad would be served by the agency ad server.

Last but certainly not least, the vision is not limited to increasing the CTR on the ad. The solution includes connecting the messaging in the ad to the messaging on the landing page (via a unified Test&Target Experience) and through the funnel, i.e. the “long ad” to enable our advertisers to increase their conversion rates through reinforced messaging. Advertisers can view reports from “click to close” that allows advertisers to evaluate their ad spend against the metric they really care about, i.e. against conversions or revenue.

For those attending Omniture Summit 2010 , you can learn more at the keynote this morning. I would also suggest you attend a couple of breakout sessions. The first is Optimizing Display Advertising Campaigns The second session is How Data and Analytics Are Shifting the Display Advertising Landscape. Hope to see you there!

I’ll be using this blog to keep you posted on our developments in this space. I’d also love to hear about your thoughts so feel free to comment here or email me directly at schaudha at

Relevance Police
Relevance Police

In order to make ads personalized, you need a display side ad server which this is not. This solution assumes that someone builds a creative in Flash or in HTML and injects it into the advertiser side ad server. Decisions are made by the "ad creative" calling the Test & Target server? This will kill the ad in terms of poor latency and performance. The Flash/HTML creative - not being an ad server cannot get any data passed into it without jumping through hoops. Sorry, this is not a real solution. As an agency professional on these issues - let me tell you, you have a lot of work to do. I was excited initially that you might have something here, but this appears to be nothing at all that matters in the display world.

Siddharth Chaudhary
Siddharth Chaudhary

Hi there, Yes, decisions are made by the ad server calling the Test&Target server, in real time. Latency and performance are not an issue. Keep in mind that Test&Target has a very efficient worldwide content delivery network that serves billions of impressions a month on the home pages of some of the most trafficked sites in the world. Interesting to hear your perspective on data flow. With Test&Trget, data capture is a marketer friendly activity. I'd love to show you a demo sometime that specifically shows you that piece. Additionally, given that the Test&Target platform can sync the ad creative with the site side creative, while allowing the marketer complete control, we believe we have a strong differentiator when compared with solutions such as Teracent or Tumri where optimization is limited to ad clicks. But don't take my word for it. Come to the Omniture Summit 2011. I'll be doing a session with an direct response Advertiser that drove 600% ROAS from the solution. If you cannot make it to Summit, do send me an email ( and I'll be happy to show you a live demo and case studies that will serve as ample proof. Thanks!