Industry leaders like Intuit, the company behind leading tax software TurboTax Canada, understand that continually responding to and refining their online strategies are key to staying ahead. “In the online space, it’s imperative that we understand exactly what content and design elements resonate with our customers,” says Michael Clifford, senior web designer for TurboTax Canada. “If we aren’t able to quickly grab their attention, help them understand what the software can really do, and get them to purchase, we could lose the sales opportunity.”

The TurboTax Canada team turned to Adobe solutions to optimize its website design for effective conversion. First, the team used Adobe Creative Suite to design multiple websites. Then, they tested the new designs with Adobe Digital Marketing Suite against a control across multiple platforms to determine the optimal designs.

“Each team had their favorite design scheme for their own reasons, my team included, and it’s easy to see how debates could develop with so many great ideas on the table,” says Clifford. “Adobe Digital Marketing Suite enabled us to take the high road, let the data do the talking, and push out content based on exactly what resonated best with customers.”

Using Adobe solutions to segment and analyze the data, the TurboTax Canada team discovered that one design lifted conversion up to 12% for online and offline products, establishing a clear-cut winner.

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