Because it is an online-only business, ASOS doesn’t have the benefit of person-to-person interaction in a retail setting. But what it does have is the ability to analyze tremendous amounts of information about its customers using Adobe Analytics in Adobe Marketing Cloud.

With 8 million active customers and tens of millions of monthly visits to its website and via its mobile apps, ASOS must sift through large volumes of customer data to look for clues that can improve business. Analysts used to have to pull data out of ASOS’s old analytics tool and then piece it together in a way that could be shared with business stakeholders. But the tool wasn’t dynamic or reactive enough to support ASOS’s needs.

“The main reason for choosing Adobe was that we were very, very impressed with the Adobe Analytics capability to do segmentation, to do near-real-time reporting, and to change the dimensions and measures that you’re looking at as you’re actually building the reports,” says David Williams, head of customer intelligence at ASOS. Referring to competing solutions, he added, “The Adobe Analytics stack blew the others away in terms of that capability.”